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TMI Question about toddler bowel movement?

Asked by fluthernutter (6323points) October 16th, 2014 from iPhone

After waking up from his nap, he had a massive poo. Diarrhea on the verge of a blow-out. He’s two, so it’s been awhile since we had one of those.

The weird thing is that his diarrhea smells strongly of vomit. Does anyone know what could be causing this smell? He has no other symptoms. No fever, vomiting, sneezing, cough, or lethargy. Maybe a slight sniffle? But that’s about it. He seems hydrated.

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The smell of vomit is often gastric juices (bile, gall) so it makes sense for that to be in the smell of the liquid part of his diarrhea.

Normally that all gets into the toilet water, but in a diaper it doesn’t get diluted.

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Depends what are you feeding your toddler? He might have developed an intolerance to certain foods.

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As said by @zenvelo , that smell is bile, or stomach acid. That could be caused by eating too quickly,and not chewing properly, along to many other causes. If the child has diarrhea, then they are not properly hydrated. It causes children to lose too much fluid very quickly. There is no tell by observation on that.
If it repeats anytime, take him to a doctor to discern the cause.
Getting too excitable can also cause a heavy flow of acid. It would do a lot for the child to relax him. I used to massage my babies’ feet to calm them, usually while rocking them. It helps to keep them from getting the wiggles.

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@zenvelo I’ve been changing diapers for 5+ years and this is a first! Don’t think it’s just a diaper vs toilet thing?

@talljasperman Can a food allergy cause this kind of stool?

@Here2_4 I was guessing it was stomach acid. Not sure why it would be in his stool though? My kid’s MO is eating quickly (and probably not chewing correctly), however he wasn’t eating any differently than usual. This weird-smelling poop is a first. The pediatrician said you can tell if they’re hydrated if they have tears when they cry, drool, etc. My kid definitely gets excitable at times, but this happened just as he was waking up from a nap. So I think he was pretty relaxed?

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It’s bile. You can smell it in his stool because he has diarrhoea and stuff is travelling through the system so quickly it hasn’t been processed as usual. Most diarrhoea does smell a bit like that and the greener the stool the stronger the smell.

A food allergy can cause diarrhoea but the most common cause is an infection so I’d want to rule that out before I start worrying it was anything else.

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We called it “Warp Core breach” ...

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