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Is there an easy way to recover photographs from a damaged memory card?

Asked by filmfann (47838points) October 17th, 2014

The memory card from my camera will not read. I just get an error message that the card is faulty. Therefore, I cannot use software to recover the information from the card.
I found a business that charges $800 to remount the memory chips in the card, but that is too much for just vacation photos.
Any ideas? Has anyone ever opened one of these to identify the problem?

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Try a couple of different memory card readers. If that does not work try putting the card in the camera and connecting the camera to your computer. There are utilities out there but they are not very easy to use.

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I think @ARE_you_kidding_me‘s answer about hooking it up to the computer is a good one. Let us know.

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I have already tried that, without any success.

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Are you using the camera that was mounted in or just a PC? Sometimes the camera must be used to because it was used to record the things on the memory card.

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I am now using the originating camera, but I have also tried a different camera and my computer. Nothing will recognize the card.

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How did the card get damaged?

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No one is sure. It was fine while in the camera, then it was removed and mailed.

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