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How many amps will I need?

Asked by landismas (5points) October 23rd, 2014

Before buying the walk-in cooler I need to fit the location with enough power. I’ll be running 240v single phase. The specs of the cooler are below. I just need to know the minimum amps to run a cooler with these rough specs.

Roughly 10X40X~9 feet
Will probably need three doors
Indoors, with a floor
I just need to keep things cool, I don’t need to freeze them.

Even if you can direct me to a resource, that would help a lot.

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It should tell you what it needs for power in the specs, no way to know otherwise, but if it’s a walk in I’d guess a 30 amp circuit at least.

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If it is a 240v, the plug design will be specific to the number of amps required.

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You might be starting this problem from the wrong end. You need to know the heat loss/rise rate first.
You need the ambient temp and the insulation factors for the walls R-value. That will tell you how many BTU /hour the A/C unit must deliver. That number will tell you the size of the unit (12000 BTU/hour is called 1 ton) and that will tell you the amperage.

Here is a sample calculator .

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