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Why do I get harassment what ever my beliefs?

Asked by talljasperman (21858points) October 23rd, 2014

When I was Catholic I got heckled for believing in the fruit of the spirit, and I get harassed by Christians for not believing. How can I ask people that they are going too far in judging me? I don’t have a set religion and I am still curious but I don’t like the grief from people that blocks out my legit questions about magic and spiritual questions.

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You don’t ask, you tell. It’s a shame they’re like that, but frankly, I wouldn’t concern yourself with judgmental people like that. They aren’t worth your time. Knowing many religious folks like that, they’re certainly not going to change.

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There’s a quote I like from The Four Agreements that says you accept exactly the amount of abuse that you think you deserve.

There are probably other derisive opinions directed at you that you do not heed or even notice, because they don’t resonate with any sense of yourself as either fully capable or inherently deficient. These opinions bother you because perhaps you fear a grain of truth in them, but it’s the fear part more than the truth part that matters.

Let them judge and don’t worry about the weight of their opinions. Just worry about finding people who say something that gets you closer to your truth.

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You may have “legit questions”, but other people are going to give you “legit answers” that may not match your particular world view. You can’t expect people to filter everything they say to you through the lens of your beliefs that they do not share.

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Someone will always be judging you, matter what.

Just get over it. Get used to it. Live your life.

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I know the feeling all too well…


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Are you referring to people whom you encounter in real life or people on the Internet ?

There is a vast difference between the two.

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A personal belief system is well, personal. You don’t have to justify what you believe to others because it is none of their concern. If others are critical or judgmental of your beliefs just ignore and shrug them off. There will always be people who criticize others, the trick is not to let those people get to you.

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