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Why does every appraiser I talk to want to dismantle my ring?

Asked by eenerweiner (444points) July 10th, 2008

I need to get an appraisal so I can get it insured, but I do not want it taken apart and the way it is set I don’t see why they should have to. They can take every measurement they need as it is now. I’m afraid that if they take it apart it will weaken the prongs and my diamond will come out.

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There are some real horror stories out there. I will give you a link to one. Meanwhile, here is what one appraisal firm says in their FAQs:

“Do I need to leave my jewelry?

No, you don’t have to leave your jewelry and we don’t remove any stones for the appraisal. Most of the time we take photographs and specifications of your jewelry while you wait. You take your jewelry with you and we finish the appraisal after you leave and mail it to you. For many items you can take the appraisal with you as well.

Do you remove any stones from the jewelry for the appraisal?

Never. No stones are removed, ever. Weights are estimated using available measurements and accurate weight estimation formulas. These methods get very close to the true weight, but any certificates you have on any of your jewelry will be very helpful in reducing estimation error caused by the mounting.”

Never have an appraisal done by someone who buys and sells gems.

Here is the horror story link. Please don’t let them take your stone out.

Good luck!

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Never let anyone weaken your prongs.

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