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Fluther chat unavailable again?

Asked by syz (35846points) July 10th, 2008

The owner of this Campfire chat room has either turned off guest access, changed the guest access URL, or the maximum number of people are already in the room.

If you believe this to be incorrect, please verify this with the person who invited you into the room or ask them for the new room URL.

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there’s a new url. we made it to hide from evil zack. i will pm new url to you.

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pm to me as well please

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[Fluther Moderator:] The chat URL was changed in error. You can participate in the chat at

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Evil zack is back again? And going to the
chat room?

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@richardhenry Is that then a new URL or the old one back?

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@ everyone. the url richard posted is new url for chat room. feel free to join us :)

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“feel free to join us :)”

(unless you’re zack)

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