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What's the best way to get hair off of necklaces?

Asked by SwanSwanHummingbird (1270points) January 12th, 2014 from iPhone

The clasps get caught in my hair and I have such a hard time getting it off.

Any suggestions?

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Can we also add how to make it so the stupid chains DON’T rip our hair out in the first place? Ugh. I rarely wear necklaces because of this. I tried plastic medical tape like I used to used to stick electrodes on patients, but it was difficult to not have the adhesive exposed, and thus that would pull out my hair.

As for removing the hairs, I just slide the hair into a single clump and use scissors parallel to the chain to cut it off.

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I’ve had some friends tell me that they’ve put a bit of clear nail polish at that point where the pinching occurs – usually where the clasp meets the chain. But I haven’t been brave enough to try it for myself. I think it might be preferable to tape, which leaves adhesive in your hair (that’s one I have tried).

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I’ve burned it off before. I finally had the jeweler fix the necklace I wear all the time. I’m not sure what he did but it no longer pulls my hair out.

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@JudiI know prices will vary, but just to get an idea, how much did they charge for that? If it’s not much, I’d look into it.

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I don’t think they chared anything but thy sold me the chain and we are pretty regular customers.

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You can try wearing the hair up with such necklaces or change the clasps. The lobster clasps don’t entangle the hair or you can even try magnetic ones. Another solution I came across online was to get some aquarium air line tubing of the correct diameter, cut a short segment, and slide it on the chain. After fastening the clasp, slide the tubing over it to keep the clasp and hair separate.

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I burned it off then polished the chain. Works well. I have super long hair so the whole chain pulls at my hair.

Thanks for the advice.

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I have not tried any of the advice above when my hair used to get caught in my necklaces. Would have saved me a lot of time (and follicles). Now that I started using necklaces again, I simply put my hair up before wearing it. When they do get caught, I carefully (and very slowly) remove the necklace as I pull out the strands.That’s a very annoying method though.

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