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Would you argue with yourself?

Asked by LDRSHIP (1790points) November 15th, 2014

I was watching a video on YouTube, and apparently one of the people commenting got into an argument or debate with them self. Whether it was on purpose or just a clever troll I do not know.

But it made me wonder, if I had not known I made that statement if I would argue against, disagree or even think twice.

Maybe split personality would be likely? But I am thinking just an average person (no mental issues or such) who did not realize it was them self who made the statement.

EDIT: I do think if I found something from the past I would. Maybe. I find that is not the same as it being caught in the moment of present time if you will.

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Sounds like being the devils advocate to me. i don’t see anything wrong with it, unless they are using two different usernames.

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I don’t know if I’d call it arguing with myself but I often step outside myself to take an objective look at determining why I am feeling or thinking the way I am. More like self awareness.
” Okay, you are feeling irritable, is it REALLY about XYZ or is it because you are exhausted feeling less than in the moment.”

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Certainly I would argue with my past self. Our views on matters should change with experience, and nothing benefits one’s perspective more than the passage of time. Funny though, how that perception thing shifts to my advantage As I roar toward that destination that the teenage me would describe as “stilted old fool”, it’s remarkable that I now prefer the monicker “wise old man” . Go figure.

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Then again, there’s the Hamlet thing. Wrestling with a decision, describes the entire plot of the play in a nutshell. The whole thing is Hamlet arguing with himself about whether or not to off his stepfather. I guess we do wind up arguing with ourselves more than we realize. The popular term “torn between 2 decisions” comes to mind.

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No. I definitely would not. I know my own mind, and my opinions don’t waver easily. There would have to be very convincing evidence to cause me to change my mind.

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I’d never argue with myself unless self has said something really stupid. Which would be stupid, because I know that self just gets all defensive. Which I try to let pass with a simple eyeroll. If I’m lucky, self just ends the discussion with an expletive. Myself? I think arguing with my self is very tiring.

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What @Coloma said. Feelings are not always logical, so if I am feeling emotional about something, or liking something or disliking something, I’ll try to ascertain why and maybe talk myself out of it. Also, when I want to do something that may not be the best thing, for example do you really need to go shopping? no, just take your ass home.

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While I probably “would not” argue with myself, I know that I can, because sometimes I do something similar. Frequently I take a debate position opposite to one that I really believe in, simply to present honest points (not straw man arguments) against my chosen position, and let others make the same arguments that I might make. It’s a technique used all the time in legal training, with moot court arguments for lawyers, for example, when they are assigned to prosecute or defend positions regardless of their personal feeling or whether they believe or disbelieve in the prosecutor’s or defense case or the guilt or innocence of the defendant.

If you’re going to make a good argument for your side, you need to have an accurate appraisal of the other side’s strong points, and their likely attacks against your side, too.

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I probably would. Many things can cause someone to see things differently. Mood swings, change of weather, being at work, then home, then at the bowling alley. I could see the potential for arguing a point from different angles, without even realizing it.

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I would, but I wouldn’t.

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I argue with myself constantly.

I believe it’s a sign of a healthy mind.

No I don’t.

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I suppose it could be called arguing with myself when there are times that I have conflicting thoughts about a decision that I made or will make. I sometimes wrestle and have a hard time making decisions. I get all involved in the pros and cons to a decision.

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