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If all small vehicles had a sign on the door, saying if this vehicle is doing anything unsafe or illegal please ph# ....(see details)

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (19397points) November 15th, 2014

This number, and under the sign would be a unit number, do you think peoples driving would improve knowing they could be called upon it at any time?
Or would they still be the lousy drivers they are?
As for more details the number could be to the police, or their insurance carrier, get to many complaints and your rates go up, or even cancelled.

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Pretty sure people can call the police already if they see a driver doing something dangerous or illegal.

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I doubt if the situation would improve. Perhaps upon introduction, there might be an initial reduction in idiot driving. I wonder what the slipping rate (if there is one ) is in seat belt usage since their use became mandatory here (California)? Pretty soon everything done on the highways will be surveilled and—-problem solved.

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@SQUEEKY2 Do people call those numbers when they appear on trucks? I’ve always wondered if anyone bothers to call.

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I once called one of those “How’s my driving?” numbers on a semi. As I was driving, I noted the phone number and the ID number posted on the truck. When I go to an exit to make my complaint, I was told that the ID wasn’t sufficient, they had to have some other number.

It was a scam to make you feel like they really cared when the didn’t give a damn.

I think it should be law that every school bus have a phone number and ID number clearly posted. Even if you only left a message on a recorder, and all it did was put a tally mark next to their name.

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Those numbers have been removed from most trucks in NJ. It’s rather unsafe to call the company to bitch about their horrible driving whilst you are driving down the road yourself.

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@ibstubro I imagine the time and location would be enough information to ID a specific school bus driver from a particular line. Maybe not a city bus, but school buses are pretty limited in number and range.

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Where I live, some school bus companies have their phone number on the bus. I was behind a school bus as I was driving to work. The bus was missing a brake light. I called the bus company and gave the bus number and told them that the brake light was out, so when the bus came in to the company they would know to take care of it.

If I see someone driving erratically, I will call the cops, but it’s not too often it happens because I realize that unless the cop car is right around where the car will be passing, they’re not likely to be able to catch the vehicle, and there are not enough cops to go looking for every issue that’s out there. Only something really serious like someone driving the wrong way on a highway is likely to garner police attention.

As far as reporting private vehicles (driven by non-professional drivers), what says that someone doesn’t have a personal problem with the driver and just want revenge?

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Well, they’re pretty safe if it’s against the law to operate a motor vehicle and a cell phone at the same time, @El_Cadejo. Particularly if you’re required to provide a license plate number or the like. As it was, I provided what I guess was the trailer number, and you can’t tell me that the company isn’t able to figure out the driver given that and the physical location.

That was my point. Cell driving is illegal in IL. so when I called all they had to do was claim they needed a different number. Truck was long gone.

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@dappled_leaves yeah it happens all the time,our company and a company a friend of mine works for some are so trivial the dispatcher just agrees so they go away,but others will be looked at and sometimes the driver gets a written warning.

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I had to look up the number of the local school administrative office to report a school bus that cut me off so sharply that I had to stomp on the brakes to avoid collision. They refused to take my call. Said I had to call the bus barn or come such malarkey. I was talking while driving (I was legal in MO) and I said, “Listen, I’m driving. I can’t take down a number now. Can’t someone just take a message and forward it to the bus barn??” “Nope.” I had a hissy, and someone finally took it down (and threw it away.).

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@jca That is a possibility someone just out for spite. phoning just to get the other guy in shit.

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@SQUEEKY2: Yes, but if I know a truck driver personally and want to get him in trouble, there may be little likelihood that I know the number of his truck. That’s less of a possibility then if I am driving and have an issue with a truck and get the truck number.

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@ibstubro Wow, that’s ridiculous. The consequences of bad driving on the part of a school bus driver are dire – and the school should (at the very least) be afraid of legal action if complaints are ignored.

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From our interactions here, @dappled_leaves, your can imagine my tenacity. Nothing. No concern (different dept.), no interest. No call.

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