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Should I buy the xbox one or the Playstation 4?

Asked by hersilence (78points) November 16th, 2014

What are the pros and cons of both gaming consoles? Which gaming system should I buy?

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I can’t say much about the Xbox because I don’t own one, but I do know that it struggles with 1080p 60 fps capabilities. The PS4 is a lot more powerful and has no problems with this.
The Xbox is supposed to have more features though, when it comes to watching your own movies or listening to your music. Stuff saved on keys I mean. PS4 sucks balls for that, Sony put a lock on everything. Technically you can do more with your PS3.

As for games, besides a few exclusives they all have the same games. So really doesn’t matter much, I’d go for a PS4 because it’s a lot more powerful and actually costs less. A long as you’re not wanting to use it as a multi purpose system, if so get an Xbox.

Both consoles require you to pay to go online which is bullshit. But PS4 is 50 bucks for 15 months which, as far as I know is cheaper than the Xbox fees. But you should look this all up for the Xbox because I may be wrong on some points.

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Xbox One, it’ll change your wife…I mean life :D

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Well, I just pulled the trigger on a ps4. I don’t care about the extra shit on an xbox one. I just want to play games. While the PC is the best gaming platform there is an abysmal selection of titles. I have a PC for games also and some things like GTA5 are just not available hence, the PS4 & Xbox 360 for the older games. Also, my wife plays games like a mad woman now and she’s not interested in playing them on the PC. My vote is for the PS4. It’s a little better hardware than the xbox one. That said they are very close and either will probably serve you well.

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I vote for the PS4 because of the GaiKai streaming that is supposed to come to it. Soon enough, PS3 titles will be available to stream on PS4, which will help a lot as the PS4 library builds up. Controller feels a lot better and more intuitive than the Xbox’s.

Also, Last of Us:

Playstation Plus memberships (as as Xbox Live memberships) cost less than the Xbox counterpart. I have no idea if Xbox always for this but with a PS+ membership, you not only get access to online gaming but you can also download several games for free each month. Free to keep. It’s a good deal. I got Bioshock Infinite that way last year.

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Yes, PS Plus is great for that, three quarters of what I play I didn’t pay for. 50 bucks a year is nothing considering you get 20 plus free games in that year. Plus discounts galore, as well.

And @seekingwolf, streaming PS3 games on PS4 is now available through PS Now. Still in beta phase, but it works fine. Some console features are unavailable during streaming though, which is pretty ass.

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@seekingwolf Been playing “the last of us” all weekend Great stress reliever after averaging 60 hour work weeks over the past month and a half. It showcases some of the strengths of the new console very well. That’s really the bottom line with the PS4, it’s all about the GAMES.

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I wasn’t aware that it’s out in beta now, that’s awesome. I don’t have my own PS4 but have played one and I really, really want one. Gotta save up.


Last of Us is probably my favourite console game, hands down. I love that game.

Overall, it really is about the games. I have friends who have xbox so I know about the exclusive xbox games versus exclusive ps3/ps4 and IMO, I think PS has the better games. Last of Us, for example. Not particularly impressed with the xbox ones, had some high hopes for Ryse but…nope.

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Thanks everyone :)

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XBOX there way cooler and have more abalities

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