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Do dark spirits create chaos to feed off of you?

Asked by Araphel (1675points) November 28th, 2014

Can you feel an immediate change within yourself?

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Only if I get wet after midnight.

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My mood changes a lot so… yeah.

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I couldn’t say. I’m not aware of what it is like to sense a dark spirit. Either that or I just don’t know it’s happening to me.

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They on a feeding frenzy, constant chaos in and out! Now they are sucking the life out of me with a straw!

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Smiles, dark spirits and I are fine with each other.

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“Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?”

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Is it the dark spirit that’s telling me to order pizza or stopping me from ordering it? Or is the dark spirit making me indecisive? Who do I listen to?

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I find dark rum is fine but if I guzzle too much dark, red wine, chaos may ensue.

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<elongated exaggerated yawn>

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@kritiper: Lamont Cranston.

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There are no “dark spirits” just disturbed minds. If you truly believe in dark spirits you need a mental health evaluation.

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@Coloma Yes I happen to believe in dark spirits just as others do too.That’s interesting of you to mention that, perhaps you are in need of a ‘mental health evaluation’ yourself.

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@Araphel You’re free to believe whatever you want, I’m certainly not invested in convincing you otherwise, but if you start believing your neighbors dog is satan and it is sending you barking messages to go forth and kill, well…..good luck with that. lol

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Yes and no. Yes, they can feed off the negative energy of a person, but that arrangement is only viable so long as the person continues to invest energy in engaging with the chaos. One need only turn one’s attention to the positive or to turn one’s attention to the Self that observes the chaos or just disbelieve the importance of the chaos to cut any energy that a dark spirit might feed from.

It is literally monsters under the bed. They can only harass you to the extent that you buy in.

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@ Colma, nice to see a lil humor here lmfao!!!

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I feed on dark spirits.

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When you’re vulnerable, the darkness floats in and takes control.

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