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When was the last time you made 120% efforts to be excellent in something other than your career, and what was it?

Asked by wsxwh111 (2464points) November 30th, 2014

Like a hobby maybe..Have you ever been extremely passionate about something?

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My marriage to Mrs Squeeky.

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I have always been more interested in my hobbies and interests than my career. haha
Last big passion was studying personality theory, before that designing a patio and having it built, prior to that gardening and keeping exotic poultry & geese, prior to that riding roping and cutting horses, to infinity and beyond….lol

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The past two months, when I tried to do two people’s work in half the time…not a good idea, by the way.

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By definition, 120% is not possible.

But I have at various times become very interested in something. There is a big difference between being passionate and efforts to be excellent. For instance, I can get very passionate about bicycle riding, and some years I have ridden thousands of miles. But I am also very aware of my physical limitations, I am not going to win local old man races.

So I occasionally work on my form to make my bicycle touring more enjoyable, but I am not a paragon of cycling perfection.

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Trying to get laid. We achieved much more than 120%.

It feels good to actually want something and work to get it.

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Did Bill & Ted come up with this question? If so…totally rad dude!

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Disregarding the percentage, I have tried my damndest to be a good mother of adults, a grandmother and a thoughtful MIL.

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Community theater for the past 7 months

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I am so mediocre. I only accomplish so much, no matter my effort. I do what I can with anything I try, but I gave up overexerting myself long ago. It just doesn’t improve my results to hurt myself.

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Yeah that was a mistake…You get what I meant

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