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Did we experience the worst day for Apple today?

Asked by bluemukaki (4332points) July 11th, 2008

Besides the fact that people with new iPhone 3G’s who can’t activate them, iPod Touch and 1st Gen iPhone users are being told that they can buy the iPhone 2.0 update but it isn’t working, MobileMe is still reeling from the upgrade… Most consumers are being raped in data plans worldwide, the iPhone 2.0 software has already been jailbroken, Australians only have 8GB and White 16GB models left in many stores… bad day?

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Yes. You forgot to mention the stock prices.

9 and a half hours, still no iPod software upgrade.

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>1 day and still no MobileMe… APPLE!!
BTW. I could activate my iPhone. Probably just in time

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MobileMe & push to my iPhone (original) are working just fine.

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I’d say worst day in a long time, but Apple has their fair share of bad days, because they’re such a huge company wish such broad capabilities from hardware to software, music sales industry, and now a HUGE part in the phone industry.

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meh, could have been worse, a small blip in the big picture (my iPhone 3g is fine)

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I think my dissatisfaction might be driven by crappy data plans, but I’m really feeling quite sick of all this Apple hype they generate, only to fail to provide on many fronts… My MobileMe email is still not working.

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lol you aren’t the only one, I just checked out Gizmodo, they’re for the most part ‘over’ with all the iphone crap today.

14 hours later and us ipod owners still can’t upgrade…..

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Yes. Stood on line for two hours in the streets on NYC filled with filthy people only to be told by the assholes that their servers were down. Oh yeah – they gave me two choices – wait for some unknown time (as if i have no jobs whatsoever) for the server issue to be fixed or order one (and receive it in 7–10 days). Went back to work pissed as hell without an iPhone. Just convinced me how much I hate apple.

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It’s now 11.40PM and my iPhone is updated, restored, activated, unlocked and synced – so all in all, could be worse. At least the update came through today, Friday 11th.

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The iPod Touch firmware is on bittorent and it works. Yes, I downloaded it and didn’t pay. I couldn’t buy it through iTunes since I kept getting errors. I might buy it when it will allow me too.


And the Remote app is incredibly awesome. I might have to buy a Apple TV now.

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Most definitely a black day in Apple history. I now understand why, as a norm, they don’t announce thing’s until they’re ready (or at least, if they do, they don’t give a definite release day).

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I fail to see how crippling demand is really a problem. Sure, there were some hiccups because of the intense interest and demand for the new phone, but it’s much worse to have no interest or demand.

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This was indeed a difficult day.

I waited in line for four hours. My choice.

Everyone in line was offered water, coffee, entertainment, candy and pizza to keep them fed and happy while waiting. There were a ton of Apple Store folks circulating and triaging people’s questions and when there was no answer to be had, they went and found someone/where that had it and returned with the answer.

My husband and I both got iPhones, the staff was happy and pleasant and very knowledgeable. They had confirmed throughout the day they had stock for everyone in line at varying intervals and while it did take 20–30 minutes to complete the activation process, most of that time was watching the computer try to get confirmation from AT&T’s servers. (BTW, we also had our choice of models and left with fully active iPhones. Which we got when it was our turn 6 hours after they went on sale. )

Now, that said, we did our homework, took our patience with us and were already AT&T customers so there were no real surprises.

As for MobileMe, I’ve been with dotMac since the first year and it’s rollout was similar in it’s bumpy ride and every upgrade to dotMac has held some surprises. That’s a lot of upgrades in applications and user data/interfaces. The one thing I do know and feel strongly that I can rely on, is that when Mobile me does come back online. It will work. In the meantime you can still get dotMac email through a Mail program.

If MS had attempted all this, we’d still be waiting… for everything.

A bad day for Apple, probably. The worst day for Apple, certainly not. Also, if you think you are unhappy, imagine what the “guy responsible” is hearing from Mr. Jobs about now. That would be a nightmare day at work. That is of course if he was allowed to keep both his head and his job.

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@KimberlyMS: “if MS had attempted all this, we’d still be waiting” ? Despite all the peer pressure, MS Exchange is still the most reliable email server in the planet. And MS actually refunds your for downtown. XBOX live was down for like a few days and as a gesture, they added a month to my xbox live subscription fro free

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More fun: Just updated my iPod and now Wi-Fi can’t connect. Hooray for Apple!

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1 Million iPhones were sold in 72 hours and 10 Million Apps… I think its far from Apple’s worst day. Very, very far.

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yea… once everything got working again lol, the first 24 hours accomplished very little to nothing, people sent home,people without cellphones while attempting unsuccesful upgrades, and so on

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Looks like Apple isn’t afraid to try something from Microsoft’s playbook.

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