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Don't look now... IT'S AN IPHONE QUESTION!

Asked by Theotherkid (889points) June 6th, 2008

Who is positive that the 2.0 upgrade will be released this Monday? I’m asking because it would be a real bummer if it wasn’t. (And because I’m really bored right now. :-P )

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iPhone 2.0 software will definitely be introduced this Monday- there’s no question about it. It’s a developers conference, and that’s one of the main topics of conversation. The iPhone SDK has been out for quite a while now, and thousands of developers have been created iPhone programs for months that will all run on iPhone 2.0 software.

The real mystery is whether or not they will release the 3G iPhone this Monday (although most people think that is guaranteed as well)

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So I’ll finally be able to download the software on my iTouch next monday?

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Apple might make you wait until Tuesday, as that’s the day of the week when they typically introduce new stuff to the market.

That, and the mysterious cardboard boxes being delivered around the world appear to have June 10 on them.

Pure conjecture on my part, though. On Monday, I fully expect you’ll know the details.

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If that don’t some one will die, no Q’s it will just happen in the corner.

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@robmandu, you forget that the date will be june 10 in australia but june 9 in the USA when he gives the keynote

article from

Of course, everyone is speculating that the box contains the coveted 3G iPhone. June 10 is what the date will be in Australia when Jobs gives his WWDC keynote on Monday, June 9, in San Francisco.

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Ahhh, nice catch there.

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There is too much hype around it for it not to be true. iPhone 3G

• Current iPhones unavailable?
• AT&T Staff can’t take vacations during this time period
• Brown boxes have arrived with new labels
• It’s been almost a year

So many clues, Apple will disappoint many if they don’t announce the new iPhone.

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Just to play devil’s advocate-

Current iPhones could be unavailable to simply launch the iPhone 2.0 software. Apple probably wouldn’t want to sell any iPhones with the1.4 old software to avoid confusion and unhappy consumers wondering why their brand new iPhones don’t have the advertised features.

AT&T employees being unable to take vacation could be due to any amount of variables. And if it was to avoid employee shortages during heavy business, they could easily hire temp staff like most malls do during the holidays.

If the brown boxes have already arrived, you can bet money they don’t have iPhones in them. No way Apple would send the iPhones this early. There’s got to be one employee curious enough to risk his job and open a box and leak the info. Also- Apple usually only ships devices the night before the launch.

Apple usually upgrades on an 18-month schedule, not yearly.

And on top of it all, this is a developers conference, not Macworld- they would most likely announce new software, not hardware. (Imagine how you would feel as a developer knowing you spent the last 6 months developing for a platform that is announced to be obsolete at the very conference you’ve been preparing for?)

That being said, I still hope the 3G iPhone is released!

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@jballou, the software that they would be developing on would not be obsolete, its going to be the same software running on the 3G version as the old one with maybe minor differences in the fact that the maps will have GPS and it is #G, but besides that probably not much different

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You’re right, the software wouldn’t be obsolete, but it would seem to be a little counter-productive to release an SDK for developers only to spring new features on them at the last minute. It’s the hardware that would be obsolete, which can be equally frustrating from a development standpoint. For example, the 3G iPhone will have much faster internet speeds, GPS technology, and a rumored front-facing camera, all of which would greatly influence developers (and probably piss them off) since they would have had no access to these features when developing their programs.

This would also necessitate a segmented App Store (for 3G programs and non-3G programs) which is probably something Apple doesn’t want to do right away.

But like I said, I hope I’m wrong and that the 3G iPhone is coming this Monday!

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yeah, i dont know why 3G would mean different programs. im not saying you are wrong, i dont code really at all. but would faster internet speeds really mean developers would have to develop 3G programs and non 3G programs

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Although WWDC is a software conference, for the developers, the Mac Pro was announced at WWDC 06’. That’s hardware.

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You guys were totally right!

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(Imagine how you would feel as a developer knowing you spent the last 6 months developing for a platform that is announced to be obsolete at the very conference you’ve been preparing for?)

The old iPhone is not an obsolete platform, on account of the software upgrade – it will only be obsolete for Apps using the new hardware features (such as GPS for location aware apps)... Other than that it’s more or less the same platform. Like developing for OS X – a number of Macs with different hardware specs can use it.

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