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How do I talk 2 the woman of my dreams?

Asked by JH (27points) July 12th, 2008 from iPhone
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If she’s in your dreams I guess it’s best to talk to her in your sleep ;)

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you could start by not using numbers to replace words, second, there are several techniques, one is prefer is the infilatrator, get to know her friends, get to know the people she knows, that way you can infiltrate her social circle and that way you get to meet her at party’s etc. and within weeks you can see “hey, weren’t you at josh’s party last week?” and tadaa, you’re there

just don’t replace words with numbers, she’ll dump you like a brick

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First of all, the major rule of thumb is is that you can’t be intimidated, you can’t be afraid, if you’re afraid you’ll probably say something idiot and look stupid. We all my look stupid or act stupid the first time we meet someone, just be casual and yourself, the worst thing you can do to yourself is be something you are not, that just ruins everything. Don’t act like a creep either, don’t come up behind her and like start getting into her discussions with friends or whatever.

It’s hard to give advice because you gave us so little information; how old are you, in high school, college, what? Do you see her around town, or only at school/work or what?

details, we need some more details to work with!

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The same way you talk to anyone else. Take her down off that pedestal first to have a chance of creating a real relationship.

As iwamoto said, getting to know what she is interested in, who her friends are, and where she hangs out can only help.

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First and foremost, be yourself!! If she doesn’t appreciate you for who you are, you’re doomed before it even started. Unless of course you don’t care about such things and just want to get in those jeans…but after being yourself, make sure you’re genuinely interested in her. Some people can easily tell if you’re not into them and they’ll get turned off quickly.

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Start by trying to be her friend. Talk with her, LISTEN to what she is saying; what are her interests, ect. Treat her well, be a gentleman. And most importantly BE YOURSELF! If you two are meant to be then she will fall for you as you are.

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