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How do u use this new facebook app?

Asked by afghanmoose (554points) July 12th, 2008 from iPhone

I downloaded the new facebook app,it’s pretty cool but I don’t know how to write on peoples walls,help!

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@afganmoose, which app is it. Is it online or is it on the iPhone?

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That’s the downside of the app, as of right now you can’t write on walls. That’s what updates are for though!

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Iphone app,I’m guessing it updates everyday

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The iPhone app doesn’t have all the features that everyone wants right now, namely the ability to write on peoples’ walls. The application will update automatically as Facebook rolls out more features in the future.

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I’m waiting for the ability to write on walls, to have a complete feed update, and to view pictures better. For myself the web app is so much better at this point.

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how do we know when there’s an update?facebook should email us

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It will be downloaded automatically to your iPhone through the App Store. You don’t need to worry about doing anything. A badge will appear on the App Store icon (a number in a red circle, similar to the way you are notified about new email and SMS messages) which indicates that updates are available for some or more applications. Tap on the App Store and you will be taken to the updates section, where you can choose to update applications.

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FYI when I say updates, I refer to changes in the way applications work, not just updates on things that are happening on Facebook.

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Don’t use it it’s total garbage.

Thy should check out MySpace’s app and take note.

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MySpace has taken a great step, but I don’t like the graphics that much. Could use better interface. Don’t get me wrong it’s the best app for myspace ever. It can use a little work though.

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facebook no doubt is using fluther to find out what the critics say and all

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@afghanmoose: I’m pretty sure we aren’t the only ones criticising it on these aspects. There will be other people, both internally and elsewhere.

Unless they develop things and then bury their head under a pillow and sing lullabies, they will be wanting to know what to include next.

Submit an iTunes review… I just did.

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