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How do u delete an app from the new 2.0 software for the iPhone?

Asked by afghanmoose (554points) July 12th, 2008 from iPhone
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Hold your finger on the app’s icon for a couple of secs until the delete button appears in the top left hand corner.

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and make sure you hit the home button afterwards.

holding and the jiggle is so you can move them around, but add on (those homepage bookmark things) and the apps, have an X so you can remove them, but this also allows you to rearrange your home pages.

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thanks,I’m just used to installer

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As has already been said you have to hold your finger down on an icon then press the little ‘X’ in the top left hand corner, then press the home button.

Also, remember to delete the application from the Applications section of iTunes otherwise the next time you plug in your iPhone the deleted program will just be put right back onto your iPhone.

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