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What's the difference between Cabela's and Bass Pro Shop? Are they basically the same?

Asked by elbanditoroso (28860points) January 4th, 2015

I think they are owned by different corporations, but merchandise-wise, is there any real difference?

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The closest to me is probably Scheels.
They seem basically the same to me, but I’m sure they’re like the home improvement big-boxes, in that each specializes in something different. Like Menard’s, has the best lighting department and I think it’s Lowe’s the stands out in paint.
Scheels has huge aquariums, so perhaps they stand out in water sports?

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They are owned by different corporations and they each have their own line of products, but other than that, there is not much difference between the two.

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I haven’t been in Bass Pro Shops, but I have been in Cabela’s, and I tell you I have been in shopping malls that are smaller. Cabela’s is insanely huge. Aisle after aisle of just ammo. Huge displays of stuffed wildlife. It is something to see.

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@filmfann, Bass Pro Shops is a similar experience to the one you described. Tracks on the floor, boats in one section. I got lost wandering around in that place.

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Yes there is.To the best of my knowledge,Bass Pro Shop only sells fishing equipment and maybe some camping equipment.Cabela’s sells everything: Hunting, Fishing, and Camping equipment, they have an in-store resturaunt, they sell canoes, and stuff like that.Im preety sure you can even take your Hunter’s Safety Course there.

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