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If death had no hold on you, would you avoid traditionally risky hobbies or activities?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26798points) January 8th, 2015

If death had no hold on you, you were not afraid of dying would you avoid traditionally risky hobbies or activities like motorcycle racing, base jumping, mountain climbing with no ropes, belays, or anchors, etc. or wing walking, and such?

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I assume I could still feel pain, so my risky activities would not be limitless, but they would increase. I rock climb, but I don’t see the appeal of free climbing. I ride, but I don’t think I’d race motorcycles. I’ve never been base jumping, but it sounds like fun.

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I’m not sure what you mean by ‘no hold’? Not being scared of dying is one thing, putting yourself at risk of dying without any care whatsoever is another. I doubt people who participate in dangerous sports/activities do so with no care about whether they die. I’m sure they take whatever precautions they can to ensure they live to tell the tale. Otherwise, rather than being daredevils, they’re suicidal. I’d guess their desire to skydive or whatever just happens to outweigh any fear of death or perhaps they believe it won’t happen to them.

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Probably not.

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I already am in some ways.

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I avoid high risk or extreme sports/activities mostly to avoid crippling injury. Even if I couldn’t die I would avoid them. Living as a cripple is no fun at all.

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Yes. While death has no hold on me, whatever that means exactly, pain is still very relevant!

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In a way that sounds even worse. Like, I fall off the mountaintop, break all my bones, but I can’t die. No thank you!

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Death is not the only consequence of a risky activity. Ending up in a rehab with permanent neurological injuries, in diapers, having to be fed by someone else and relying on medical apparatus for breathing seems like an equally terrible fate.

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This scenario plays out like a deleted scene from Final Destination.

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I don’t do very risky things like those named, because I don’t enjoy them. I don’t like the scary feeling. Also, just because you can’t die, doesn’t mean you can’t get hurt.

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I used to be adventurous and an adrenaline junkie. That was before my body started failing me. It wasn’t about fear of death that kept me in check it was lack of resources or opportunities.

But by keeping my thrills relatively small and cheap I didn’t need a bigger fix each time. It was about maintaining balance and not letting that part of my overcome everything else. Yes I was frightened I would end up maimed but without risk there was no appeal. Push and test my limits overcome fear of heights and glory in my bodies peak condition… Ah there was always a fun story to tell but that was secondary to me.

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@Earthbound_Misfit I’m not sure what you mean by ‘no hold’?
That the fear that the risk associated with the activity could lead to death. In short, you would not be afraid to die doing the activity. Not that you would not take reasonable measures to survive the activity but the threat that death might be an outcome doesn’t scare people off doing it.

@gondwanalon Even if I couldn’t die I would avoid them.
If you could not die, that would leave only living as a cripple (if that is PC), but if you did not survive it, then you would not have to worry about living many decades more in a diminished state.

@kritiper While death has no hold on me, whatever that means exactly, pain is still very relevant!
You can get pain from things that are not fatal, like skiing, dirt biking, skating, etc. I am speaking if death not being a hindrance to you because you are not afraid of dying as part of the activity. So if you were racing powerboats and an accident during a race could kill you, you would not dwell on it as a reason not to race but just as an ”oh well”.

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No, I want to die and will. On my terms.

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