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Can I send a research paper as a writing sample for college?

Asked by Feta (930points) January 11th, 2015


I’ve already been accepted to the college but I’ve also been recommended to participate in their Honors program. In fact, I was accepted to their school with “highest honors” because of my test scores and such.

They’re asking for a writing sample. It doesn’t say what type specifically, just “your best academic writing sample.”

My best academic writing sample is a research paper I did on rap music. Would that be appropriate?

I don’t really like my other essays.

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As long as you avoid slang and textspeak you can ask them if it is appropriate.

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Why would I ever use slang/textspeak when communicating with administration at my future college?

Are you assuming because my research paper was done on rap music? If so that’s really narrow minded. It’s an essay on the history of rap music and its original purpose. It evaluates the evolution of rap and its influence on the behavior/opinions of the audience.

I didn’t want my teacher to have to suffer through another paper about gay marriage or abortion.

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@Feta Because you opened up with Hullo instead of Hello. In General

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If you feel that is your best academic writing sample, I don’t see why you couldn’t use it. If you are proud of the work and the message you wrote in the paper, go for it. If the paper has anything you worry could taint your reputation in the school, don’t use it.

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Yes, absolutely.

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Well, Id say if they say your best and you think that particular one is your best then why not. If they don’t give you any clear guideline as the what the topic should be etc, then you are allowed to submit ANY paper you want, I think it probably is more to see what you consider as your best.

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