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Has anyone benefitted from a beating?

Asked by cheebdragon (18931points) January 11th, 2015 from iPhone

Have you ever met someone who did whatever they wanted, without any consideration of others because they never had to deal with the fallout or consequences? The kind of person that makes you think something like “damn, someone needs to kick this persons ass”...?
To be clear, I’m not talking about beating kids, I’m talking about adults who have no consideration and think that they can walk through life, continuously fucking people over.
For example, it could be someone who steals from family, friends, and strangers and thinks it’s never going to catch up with them….or the person who sleeps with married men or women just because they don’t care if their actions would hurt someone else.
We all know that violence is rarely the answer…I’m just wondering if you know anyone that makes you occasionally think otherwise.

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Sometimes I wish I could beat some of my relatives, especially after some recent events. I don’t want to go into details, but things basically go like this: there is a husband and a wife, the husband wants to open a big bussiness, yet he has no knowledge of how the bussiness works (he opened another bussiness in the past and failed horribly). He did it and got into troubles: lack of money thanks to careless calculation, workers chiseling his money… He lost too much money. Everyone in the family pointed out his mistakes, yet the wife cheered him up, saying all his plans were right and encoraging him to continue. He chose the wife. And according to their next plan, from then on they would get more money from my grandma! They went to her, flattering her, giving her gifts… Grandma saw throught it and calmly refused, but she offered them better stageries for the bussiness. They didn’t listen and now they are asking for money from her in a harder way (suicide threats, God threats, violence threats…)

I don’t care for them. They are generally assholes and too dumb to know what they are doing. But why drag grandma into the mess too? And when they can’t earn what they want, they begin to whine like some 3-year-old.

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Yes. My exboyfriend’s mother used to get slapped around by her husband. Finally, her brothers caught wind of it and beat the shit out of her husband and told him they better not hear of him hitting her ever again. He never did as far as we know.

The situation was about 60 years ago in Ecuador. At one point, even before anyone knew about the specific abuse, she had gone home to her mother wanting to leave her husband. Her mom basically said, “you have to go back, look at you, your pregnant. You’re married now, you can’t come back home.” It wasn’t a shot gun wedding it anything, she became pregnant right away though. She was many months pregnant when it happened.

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My old neighbor who called my son a stinking Jew most certainly would have benefitted from a bloody beat down….but the coward POS would not come out the front door. Lucky for me as getting arrested at that time in place would have negatively impacted my ability to purchase my company then. That was almost 4 years ago and the rage I still feel over that incident has not subsided one bit.

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@Cruiser: Wow. I hope you had a discussion with the father about it. How old was the kid at the time?

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@jca it was the father who said this right to my face. If his son had said it it would be water off a ducks back but he said it with such rage and hatred that I will never ever be able to block that from my memory.

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Sure, but they’re all statesmen, politicians, CEOs. . . .

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@Cruiser: When I hear stuff like that, I’m like “WTF is wrong with people?”

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Verbally, I have been know to give a punch or two as needed.

A while back I was in the Goodwill, two back from the register. An old man walked up, butted in line and put something on the counter.
“Here, my dog’s in the car.”
“Sir, I have a line!”
“I only have the one item” as he taps it on the counter.

The woman in front of me moves to the next register, so now I’m next to the guy as the cashier reluctantly checks the guy out.
So, I walk up and say loudly “What, you didn’t know your dog was in the car when you came in the store??”
“I only have one item.”
“And I only have two! as he heads for the door at just short of a run.

The cashier got a huge kick out of it.

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