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What are the orange things in my trail mix?

Asked by lefteh (9409points) July 13th, 2008

I can’t figure out what these things are. This is not my trail mix exactly, but it has the same sort of orange cubes: link

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Looks like dried up oranges.

Haha your topics crack me up.

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It could be alien feces!

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Could be dried apricots, or if it was a little more exotic trail mix could be dried papaya/paw paw

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Actually, looking on the back, papaya is in the list of ingredients. Is that what dried papaya looks like?

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I guess so, I mean it’s an orange fruit, and it seems to look the same as the paw paw in the trail mixes I get for camp, though in mine it’s always chopped up smaller than that.

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It is dried mango. here’s the source for recipe.

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Hmm, I’m not so sure… the dried mango that I’ve seen doesn’t look like the link that lefteh posted. Do the ingredients on the back say mango lefteh?

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@ shrubbery – we were discussing this in the chat room and papaya is mentioned on the back, but mango isn’t. I am answering for him since I know he has gone to sleep now.

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Haha thanks PnL, I would love to join you in the chat room- I’ve had the window sitting there all day…. but no, I must study :(

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ooo sorry. i wasn’t trying to call you in! (i just always link to the chat room when it comes up for some reason) yes, i agree you must study! and that includes stop fluthering :P

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I know, I was just saying… gar ok, computer going off now :P

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Dry orange things are never good, burn it.

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Well, after Google Image searching shrubbery’s response, I’m positive that they are dried papayas now. Thanks all!

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And rather tasty they are, aren’t they?

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The first few were tasty. After that, they started making me a bit queasy.

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papaya! Yumyumyum.

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