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Suggestions, comments or reviews about discount cellphone carriers?

Asked by Jonathan_hodgkins (678points) January 13th, 2015

I am thinking about transitioning into a smartphone and have been looking at the costs. The discount carriers (Republic wireless and Ting) have an appeal but I don’t know if it’s worth the headache. Does anyone have thoughts or recommendations? I live in the Boston area.

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I actually use Republic Wireless and I am a big fan. I got a Moto E through them for 110 bucks (that includes shipping on the phone) and I got a 32GB SD card from Newegg for 15 bucks. I own the phone and there is no contract. However the camera on the phone is total shit but other than that it is pretty good.

I have the ten dollar a month ($11.90 after taxes) unlimited talk and text plan. It works as advertised. And the nice thing is that it takes about 60 seconds to switch it over to the data plan. I just did babysitting at my sisters house last weekend and turned on the data plan for two days and then turned it off once I got back home. It was only 50 cents a day for data.

It is fantastic if you are mostly at home where you have wifi. My sister pays AT&T over $100 per month for her iPhone and talk/text/data. That is absolutely bonkers and I would never pay it.

But I got a good enough phone for 135 upfront and 12 bucks a month. It is pretty hard to beat that.

And there is no real headache. It works, nothing is complicated.

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Well, I use Virgin Mobile and my husband has AT&T (through his company). When we travel to remote areas my cell phone often can’t get service while his still can. That’s the only drawback that I know of.

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I’ve used Sprint for over 20 years. Overall I’m happy. When I switched to a smartphone I liked that they had unlimited data, but possibly a lot of them have that now.

I still have trouble in remote areas, but probably a lot of carriers do.

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