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Why are there no good game makers for mac?

Asked by Melonking (1221points) July 13th, 2008

Why don’t mac users have a program like RPG Maker for windows?

I have looked for hours for a good one, it seems with mac you need to be a professional coder or you just put up with using what seems to be the best easy one to use “Game Maker” and lets face it this game maker looks like something from the early 90s. So why has no one made one? and if some one has why is it so hard to find?

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first of all, i wont go into details, it has something to do with OSX’s architecture,

what it just boils down to is that no one has found it interesting or profitable to create a new one, and i can’t really blame them, games on the mac are rare, and game makers are by that logic even more rare…

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But if someone were to make one I am shore it would sell, So many ppl want to make one and if they could they would. There must be some market, just like there must be some market for an program that makes your computer go cuckoo on the hour, I just got an program that does this very thing this morning.

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well, just making a script that triggers a cuckoo sound at a set time takes..1 hour at the max, including testing, writing documentation

writing a complete game builder, how long would that take? i don’t think the costs would be justified, of course i’m not sure about it, but my guess is, is that some people did it some time ago, found out it didn’t work, and that’s stopping people from doing it now

if a company would do it, it would be a small one, so it would have a small workforce, which would make it cost more time, take that, the selling price, the amount of money lost to piracy, make that into a sum, and i think no one would take that jump, i guess you’ll have to wait for a big company to do it…or get busy learning…

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I’ll start off by saying I have no idea what you are talking about. But, I know someone who has a small software company that makes mac games and apps. Check

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There are a couple of reasons. First, many developers don’t do this because it is too costly to write the code to run games on Mac and feel they won’t profit when distributing on the Mac platform. Second, Apple has never been known for working with game developers in the past and this damaged the relation between developers and Apple’s Mac OS X. Finally, because most Macs have limited videcards that can not be upgraded, many developers of higher-end games feel that Macs won’t run games well enough to make it worth it.

However, there are ways of running Windows games on Intel Macs. Check out Crossover Games at

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I guess if there isn’t a big enough market why would you? The developers need the people to buy the games and the people need the developers to make the games. It’s a never ending circle which is where Microsoft has one over any other OS (Linux/Mac/Solaris etc.) There’s a larger game market on Windows and it would cost money and time to port it over. So creating a game creation program although may seem like a good idea, a commercial one just doesn’t seem financially viable in the long run because few people in comparison will play any games made. Sure there are a minority, but why aim at the minority? If you’re really that bugged by it do what a large number of linux developers do, get some open source stuff built. If the community is out there as you say it is then why not give it a shot?

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