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What do those automotive memorial vinyl stickers dedicate?

Asked by PupnTaco (13885points) July 13th, 2008 from iPhone

You know the ones, they say, “In Memory of Joe Blow 1982 – 2007” or whatever. That’s a dedication, right? What are they dedicating? The car? The way they drive?

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Its a redneck thing man. Its either dedicated to John Deere or Jesus.

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It is usually gangsters that lost friends.

It is a Hispanic thing too. I’m not trying to say that Hispanic equals gangster.

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I see them around town for Iraq casualties and (I assume) car-accident victims.

But that dedication – like what you’d see on a statue or in a published obituary – what are they dedicating?

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We see those a lot here in Western MD. I find them equally odd.

Sometimes they make me sad when it signifies the death of a child. Somehow, those seem sadder to me.

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Its kind of like getting a memorial tattoo. Its a way to remind yourself and let others know about the death of someone close to you. I agree with jp; many Latinos engage in this practice.

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Interesting how this topic was quickly divided along different stereotypes.

I find these memorials neither redneck or attributable to any specific ethnicity or gang affiliations. In my neighborhood I see such tributes on cars belonging to a full range of
humans from all walks of life.

Our Fire Rigs out here in Los Angeles and Ventura County all have such “redneck” vinyl
dedications on them-

“In Memory of our Fallen Brothers”

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I didn’t stereotype. I live in a predominantly Latino community, and this community engages in this practice. The other races that reside near my community do not. Not a lot of rednecks near me, so I can’t say either way. I didn’t say only Latinos do this, I said “many engage in this practice.”

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