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How can I get my energy and motivation back for my upcoming work?

Asked by Mimishu1995 (18127points) January 23rd, 2015

Two days ago we were announced there would be a made-up class for a certain subject on a certain day. I heard that the class was to be next week, so I prepared for next week. But this morning when I got to class I was informed that the class had already started yesterday! I had misheard the date. To make the matter worse, there was a small test on that day. I tried to talk the teacher round to letting me take that test again but she refused (yeah, I don’t blame the teacher, I think I kind of deserve it), meaning I got a huge 0 for that test.

The thing is, there is going to be a presentation and my group members have to prepare for it, but after that incident I’m now trapped in my self-punishment. I keep blaming myself for my stupidity, saying why the heck I didn’t pay attention back then and filling my mind with negative consequences of how the 0 will affect my result. I know I have to get to work but now I have no energy nor motivation to start working. I know I have to snap out of it but I don’t know how…

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Do you live in the past, eat leftovers for every meal, live all of your past experiences over and over and never experience anything new? So you fucked up in class. Think I haven’t done a hell of a lot worse? I just say shit, wish I hadn’t screwed that up and move forward. Life is learning from your screw-ups, and moving forward. Heck, if we were supposed to live in the past our eyes would be in our ass so we could see where we’ve been. You can do this.

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I only know of you from here and you seem to be extremely intelligent, articulate, ambitious, and a genuinely nice person. Even with that one day disadvantage, you have the potential to ace that course. Consider that delay like a small horse racing handicap.

In some forms of horse racing the better, faster horses have to carry a little extra weight (handicap) so the race is closer and more interesting.
You are the better, faster horse! Now go out there and win that race!

In general, it is not a compliment to call a woman “a horse”, but you know what I mean. It is a compliment.

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@Adirondackwannabe Thanks. We both know that @Mimishu1995 is such a quick learner. I was a bit afraid she would learn “horse” as a compliment.

@Mimishu1995 gives me hope for the future. She is a star.

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@LuckyGuy Laughs, yeah she can do it. She just needs to get back on that horse and make it do what she wants.

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Thanks @LuckyGuy and @Adirondackwannabe. Yeah that was stupid of me to dwell on it instead of focusing on the upcoming task. I’m recovering from it. You have helped speed up the recovery You already know I tend to overreact right :p

@Adirondackwannabe “our eyes would be in our ass”. I love it :D

@LuckyGuy thanks for telling me horse isn’t a good compliment. I’m OK with anything anyway.

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You stuffed up. Oh well. It happens. As has been said, you’re very capable of picking up and making up for lost time. So focus on what you need to do. Plan carefully and get to it. Let us know how it turns out.

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As others have noted, it’s a minor and temporary setback. You need to consider your life as a marathon an expedition, and not a sprint that will be finished in a few minutes, or even hours or days.

So to make another analogy, if you had started out from Missouri on the Oregon trail and lost some of your supplies on the first week of the trek, would you then determine – in the first seven days of a trip that will last for months, and with no other analysis of the situation than beating yourself up for the mistake – that the whole thing is hopeless? (I don’t mean to suggest that you should not perform some kind of analysis after a major setback, because it may be prudent to make other plans.) Probably not, without that self-analysis. What you do is adjust your plans, take the loss into account, and re-examine how you can still make it to the finish line of “that trek”. Because even the successful end of this class will not be the crowning achievement of your life, just one more milestone along the way.

Soldier on, and listen better next time.

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