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What is beyond your ability by a smidge?

Asked by talljasperman (21858points) January 23rd, 2015

Something where you could possibly accomplish with great effort and a little more? For me it is grade 12 Physics.

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Writing a novel.

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What @janbb said.
Also creating a simple comic with Photoshop (I’ve just done one).

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Dunking a basketball. I can touch the rim but actually dunking takes a lot more.

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I know I’m really close to defying gravity, but no matter how hard I try, I just lack that last 1% or so.

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To leap tall buildings in a single bound. I think it might be my shoes I am wearing

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I try not to view jellies as monkeys punching buttons, I really do, but sometimes I come up short.

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@ucme Stop looking in the mirror and you can get past this

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Baking. Too much science involved.

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Slaloming in water skiing. I used to be an above average athlete, but that was one thing I could not seem to master.

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@Cruiser Very weak, but so typical of you :)

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