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What should happen to these parents?

Asked by Cruiser (40421points) January 26th, 2015

I do apologize in advance for this most horrific story, I would suggest not going to the link as it has some graphic details….but I had to ask this question on what should happen to these parents who left their infant unattended and 3 pet ferrets chewed off most of the babies face. I am utterly mortified by this story and at a loss of words on what should happen to these parents who allowed this to happen. The father further revealed his lack of any sense by saying “It’s not our fault. We didn’t do it, the animals did it,”

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Prison for life. It would be nice if their faces were chewed off.

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That comment, coupled with “it was a little mistake” condemns them both.
Taking the kids away is a gimme, i’d also file criminal neglect charges & hope they serve time.

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No shit @ucme. ”Little mistake”? Just that comment alone tells me they need to have all their kids taken away and they need to be sterilized. Wish it were legal to do that against people’s will.

This is horrible. You know the baby started screaming right away. The parents must have taken their sweet time responding.

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I can answe that in one word cruiser and that word is Prison.

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Clearly a lengthy prison sentence needs to be imposed, followed by a lifetime ban on pet ownership.

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And a lifetime ban on parenting of children. If they do have any other children, they should be removed from them immediately.

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@Dutchess_III Total agreement.

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“It’s not our fault. We didn’t do it. The animals did it.” WTF?

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Just the tone of the quotes sound so blase, like the parents think it’s no big deal.

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@Dutchess_III: They’re probably either slow or have substance abuse issues, where nothing is their fault, in their opinions.

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Before serving a prison sentence, the child should have a lawyer assigned to sue for whatever they own, to be set up in trust. Then they should do time, lots of it, hopefully sharing a cell with some brutal person who has unresolved parent issues.

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It said they had 5 kids and all were special needs.

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A moderate fine and mandatory parenting classes.

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The article is not very well written, and it links to “Top Ten Things to Eat Instead of Pasta”. I’m not convinced of this source’s reputability, pretty sure we can’t take anything at face value here.

That said…I don’t know. What happened is horrific, but I am constantly shocked at the things parents will let pets and children do to each other. Just yesterday, I watched a dog chase a six-year-old, nipping her legs repeatedly. The dog owner stood there laughing, chatting to the kid’s parents. Underestimating the danger of pets is very common, frighteningly so.

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Obviously they were neglectful to say the least.
I read this article a few days ago.
It is not the animals fault, it is the idiot parents fault for leaving a tiny infant in a situation where weasels could attack it.
Ferrets are curious, tenacious and while they can make good pets they should never be left alone with any infants or small children, just like any animal. I cringe when I see videos of babies crawling all over dogs and cats, as even the gentlest animal can lash out if inadvertently hurt or startled.

With Ferrets, when their prey cries out it excites and incites an even more vicious kill response.
Not unlike the pack mentality with dogs when even the sweetest family pet can be part of a vicious attack and kill when involved in a pack mentality.
Clearly these morons have the IQ of a Ferrets dropping and yes, they should be seriously examined and possibly lose custody of their children.

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I couldn’t access the original story as linked, so found this one. The parents are described as having “developmental disabilities”, and have five children aged 5 or under (now all with a relative). I wonder what can be done in such cases. These people will plainly have many more children – what will happen to them all?

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I watched a neighbor’s dog “play” with their 4 year old. It would grab her coat, drag her around and shake her then throw her to the ground. My neighbors insisted the dog would never hurt her, and in the same breath told me someone had tried to drown it as a puppy and it had brain damage.

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I can’t believe you made me read that story. My first reaction is one of vengeance, punish the parents. And that is not all together unwarranted. I suspect however that these people are just stupid/incompetent. Could they ever be good parents? That seems a risky bet. If you take the kids away, there is nothing to stop them from having more. Jail time seems the only way to insure more harm is not done. I think the charge is ‘criminally stupid’.

I hear these kind of stories periodically and it breaks my heart. That kids life is destroyed for a few minutes of ignorance.

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An intriguing aspect of the story is that the infant was in a car seat on the floor when the mother went upstairs. Doesn’t say how long she was gone or why she left the room at all.
Those car seats have carry handles equipped, take it with you bitch!

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Well, every time they have another kid, the state will come in and take it.

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@Jaxk I warned you

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@Cruiser – I told my wife and now she’s mad at you as well. actually she’s mad at me but it’s your fault

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@Jaxk Tell her to get in line as I am mad at me for reading it in the first place

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@Dutchess_III nailed it. They will pluck the new babies right out of the hospital, put them right into foster care. BTW when babies or any children are in foster care, it costs a lot in tax dollars.
In the county I work in, there are big stipends for foster parents, plus mileage, plus Medicaid, food stamps, etc. for the foster children.

These parents here, you can give them parenting class, @ragingloli but they’re probably not going to absorb what they learn. State is probably not going to risk letting them parent these kids or any new kids. If harm should come to these kids or new kids while in their care, the state would be liable. Better safe than sorry. Put the kids in foster care where chances are they’ll be kept well, and the parents can be in their houses with their weasels or whatever they want to have as pets.

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That kind of damage would take a bit of time. That child had to be screaming for awhile before someone came down to check.

Now the animals will be put down due to human error. These people shouldn’t have kids or animals.

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The dad didn’t seem too bright. What will the children to be born be like? I think some sterilization talk might be good.

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