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What's the fix for the Fluther display problem described in the details?

Asked by thorninmud (20488points) February 4th, 2015

A user is experiencing a problem that has occasionally cropped up in the past: When you award a GA to a comment, the page refreshes and sends you back up to the top of the page where there’s some kind of “Thank you” message. Very annoying, because to continue reading comments you have to scroll back down to where you were before awarding the lurve.

This user is accessing the site via Safari on iPhone, but I remember having the same thing happen to me in the past from a desktop browser, and I remember hearing other users complain about it at various times.

I’m not seeing this at all on my end; is anybody else? Anybody know how to fix this?

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Have had that happen but not for a long time. Sorry can’t think of the fix – but if you make me une tarte tatin maybe it will jog my memory!

Have they tried logging out and back in again?

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I’m the user in question.
Thanks for asking this Q and talking me back from the ledge.

Logged off and logged back on. Good idea, but didn’t work. :/

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Delete your web browser history and then log back in to fluther. See if that works.

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I’m not experiencing it here.


Are you seeing it in this thread?

I see the blue banner when I try to GA an answer in a thread that’s been archived or closed.

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@Adirondackwannabe Worked like a charm—thanks!

@Brian1946 I was seeing it in this thread. But after logging off, deleting my history and doing a reset on my iPhone…it’s gone!

Meta’s actually useful! Huzzah!

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Now I want to go lurve every answer. Just ‘cause I can!

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Javascript isn’t loading. Reload the page while holding down SHIFT to force it to grab a fresh copy of the Javascript files.

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@johnpowell I’m on an iPhone. Is there a shift alternative?

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In my experience, this usually happens when the question has been deleted or is in editing. My interpretation has always been that the message (which is something like “We’re glad you think this comment is so great… thanks”) is code for “You’re trying to interact with something that doesn’t exist – you are an idiot.”

So, I’m glad to hear that it may solely be a cache issue… perhaps Fluther is judging me less harshly than I imagined. ;)

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Could it be a cookie issue?

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@Adirondackwannabe According to @janbb , it has more to do with tarts than cookies

Thanks everyone!

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Laughs, go easy on me for my other answer.

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Settings -> Safari -> Advanced -> Website data -> Show all Sites

When you find Fluther swipe left on it and select delete.

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