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Is this a sensory processing issue?

Asked by fluthernutter (6323points) February 6th, 2015 from iPhone

Everyone once in awhile I get this slightly off, not quite right feeling. I literally have to shake it off.

Sorry that’s so vague. I’m just not sure how else to describe it?

While a bit odd since I don’t know of anyone else who gets this, I’ve never thought that much of it. Only just came up because I was talking to my child’s therapist that mentioned that his little spazzing thing (when he gets really excited) might be a sensory processing issue.

I do feel that I’m more sensitive of things and am wondering if I’ve passed this down to him?

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People with tic disorders (like Tourette’s) often describe a kind of “off” feeling that can only be set right by doing whatever their tic is. There are a million different forms of tic, but some involve shaking.

Just a guess I’m throwin’ out there

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The Thalamus is the part of the brain that deals with most senses (all except smell) and plays a role in motor control. It also regulates sleep cycles.

Anxiety issues can lead to one becoming overstimulated fairly easily.

Now combine the two and extrapolate what sort of issues may arise.

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Interesting suggestions. Though my shaking isn’t involuntary. I suppose I could get rid of that slightly off feeling in a number of ways. Just anything that would provide enough sensory stimulation to jolt me out of it. Also, doesn’t seem to be related to stress for me.

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Another thought that might be related. I’m really sensitive to certain textures. For instance, I loathe polyester. I’m guessing other people do too. But after touching polyester (or other synthetic fibers), there’s a lingering unpleasant sensation on my skin. I have to rub my hands on something to get it off. This off feeling that I was trying to describe earlier is not entirely different from that feeling. A lingering unpleasant sensation that takes awhile to dissipate on its own.

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Feeling off can be so many different things. A hyper or hypo thyroid can do it. Fluctuations in blood sugar. Psychological conditions. The list goes on. I would talk to your medical doctor next time you are there for a check up and have them run some basic, obvious, tests. Top of my list would be your thyroid. It’s good to check it now and then anyway. Thyroid dysfunction is fairly common. Not that most people have it, but enough that we can’t call it rare.

People with psychological issues are supposed to be tested, because thyroid conditions have some very similar symptoms to psych disorders. Especially depression, mania, and anxiety.

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Just read up a bit on thyroid problems on mayo clinic. Don’t have most of the symptoms. The reason why I’m leaning towards a sensory processing issue is that this off feeling is easily reset with a jolt of “louder” sensory input like rubbing or shaking. I suppose I could also slap myself. But, you know, that would be weird.

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Your nervous system might be wired a little differently.

For about 5 years of my life my skin was extra sensitive. It was pretty awful. I believe it was similar to RSD. Taking a shower the water hurt if the pressure was hard, when usually it would feel great. A cuddle with my husband didn’t feel snugly and good, but rather I had to tell him to be careful, I would pull away sometimes. Especially on my thighs it felt like each hair follicle was a pin at times.

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Whoa, crazy. Did it just go away on its own? Did you ever ask your doctor about it?

As a symptom itself, it really doesn’t bother me that much. My concern is that it’s indicative of more serious issues (especially in the case with my child).

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I think possibly it had to do with either some gynocological problems I started having, or possibly that I started getting shingles. It all started around the same time. My shingles outbreaks are very small though, thankfully. The skin troubles started before I got shingles. At least, that’s the way I remember it. It’s all guessing really.

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Bodies are strange.

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RSD is in my opinion a really horrible, life really is punishing and unfair, condition. I never was diagnosed with that, but the people with severe cases I just can’t imagine it. It usually follows a BS physical trauma to the body, which you think would be bad enough, but no, sometimes the nervous system has to overreact.

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