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Is there something like a Yelp for memory care facilities?

Asked by 2davidc8 (9892points) February 9th, 2015

Yelp is great for restaurant ratings and reviews, but for memory care facilities (for people with Alzheimer’s, for example), I find it wanting. Very few reviews. With such a small sample size, one very negative or very positive review can skew things greatly.

So I ask you, do you know of a website where people talk about, and rate, memory care facilities?

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This seems like a bad joke! How exactly would a person with memory loss remember to review on Yelp?
Here is a few links to some health care rating systems:

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If Angie’s List is active in your area, they might help. I’d post a link, but when you get to their site, they make you put in a zip code anyway. Just google Angie’s List. They review all sorts of products and services local to your area (if they serve your area)

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@anonymous6059 Actually, no, this is not a joke. The ratings or reviews would, of course, be done by family members. My mom has been in an Alzheimer’s care facility for 2½ years now, and after all the interactions and observations my siblings and I have had with staff and directors, we feel very qualified to rate this facility. We are dissatisfied with the service and are looking for a new facility.
@anniereborn Yes, I’ve checked, but unfortunately, the facilities in our area get only two, maybe three ratings each, on average. Not enough to give us a fair impression. Will look into your other link. Thanks.

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My mother has Alzheimer’s as well. She is in a “regular nursing home”. It is a good one, but I really wish she was somewhere with a “memory care” unit. I hope you can find what you need.

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There are two options. The easiest one is to check with the part of the Health Department that oversees and inspects nursing homes and similar facilities and they should be able to guide you to a website that shows grades of nursing homes, etc. Every such facility will have violations from time to time, but you want to pick one that shows improvement overall. The only ones that won’t have bad marks are the ones that have just opened up for business.

I met a lady whose job was to inspect nursing homes. She told me that the best run places were the “mom and pop” ones, because the owner was onsite all the time, and they knew each patient by name and tended to their individual needs and preferences. Such facilities are usually very small- often a converted home.

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