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Should I wait to buy a Kindle?

Asked by robhaya (994points) July 14th, 2008

I wanted to know if I should hold off on purchasing the Kindle? And if anyone knows when Amazon maybe refreshing the Kindle line? Thanks

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There is a pretty good customer review here. I hope it helps you decide.

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I’d wait a while. Like 40 years.

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What’s a “kindle”?

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Read my link

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Yes. I was reluctant at first as well but it is killer. It’s the same OMG feeling that the original ipod gave me. Here’s something that can carry every book you have read and will ever read. Make sure and get a 16GB SD card too.

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Try with the iPhone or touch. It works quite well as an ereader and books can be saved for offline reading without using the computer. I have several stored on the touch and have read lots recently while waiting in low-light places like concert halls, churches, and bedrooms. It’s less bulky than the kindle and also has so many other uses. Another reason to wait: the new app store may have some good ereading programs that work for you.

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