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When was the last time that you were at a library?

Asked by Mama_Cakes (11160points) July 16th, 2020 from iPhone

For me, it’s been about fifteen years. Wow. That’s crazy.

I have a kindle and it’s loaded. I have four books on the go.

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Two years, we entertained a group of kids with our ukulele band. Also used to go to read magazines I don’t have subscriptions, maybe four years.

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A couple of days before Covid closed it. I am still waiting for 3 books on hold, but I don’t remember the titles.

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It has probably been about 4–5 years. It was to print out travel documents when our printer died.

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Probably in March before the shut down. I picked up reserve books curbside last week. And I’ve been borrowing e-books from my library online.

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I went there for a book sale right before shutdown.
My library is home to the “World’s Loudest Librarian”. Not only is she always at 11, but she has a crush on my husband and gets all googly when she sees him.
The entertainment factor is off the charts :D

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The very last time that I was in a library; I used the library printer and computer to print a label from Amazon to get a refund.

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Not long before the quarantine. I go there for many other reasons besides checking out books. I use their computers/copy machine for needed paperwork. I also like to use their “state room” where you can browse local history.

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This afternoon. Picked up a hold and returned two books.

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In March…roughly 2 weeks before our world shut down. I have tons of books on my Kindle, but when thinking of buying more reference books from Amazon, I get it from the library first & then look it over to see IF it’s worth adding to my Kindle. I also check out a lot of CD’s & DVD’s so I don’t need to buy them!!!

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If you count voting, it was this past March. If you don’t count voting it was in January.

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March was the last time I was at the university library, where I am frequently. A public library I haven’t been inside since last year but I have been making use of our library’s interlibrary loan to pick up a few books. Went there on Monday to pick up Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage. I used to go to the public library every now and then as a teen to study and didn’t really go back to it until after college, usually only for a few minutes at a time to pick up a specific book.

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Six years ago. I was getting my daughter comfortable with having her own card, and how a library can be useful to her.

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In February, right before the shutdown. As it happens, I took out a very large book that I could never have read in three weeks. I subsequently received a notice that said please don’t bring your book back for now.

Now, finally, they’ve notified me that they do want it back. I’m wondering how in the world they’re going to disinfect the pages of library books. Does this spell the end of library borrowing as we know it? Converting everything to an electronic format is not the right answer.

Libraries have also, for years, been providing more and more in the way of social services. I’m wondering how their client populations are going to fare without them in the covid-damaged world.

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Maybe a month or two before the shelter in place began?

@Jeruba I would just let the library book(s) sit in my garage for three days before reading. Or perhaps they could wait three days before (washing their hands and) reshelving?

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Before the shut down. February or March. Probably February.

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Just before lockdown in March, but I don’t check books out of the library, I use it for a bunch of other things.

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@Jeruba My library is letting the books stay in the book drop for 72 hours before reshelving. Nobody is going to disinfect every page and I don’t think that’s called for. The public is not allowed in the library to browse; everything is by reserve and pick up only. They just reopened a few weeks ago for curbside service.

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That’s what I do with my mail. I let it sit 4 days before I open it.

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Prior to COVID-19, when I’m on campus, about three days a week — ‘cuz I gotta cut through the library to get to my office. ;^)

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Last July. My cousin was in and is a teacher. My library had a huge sale on children’s books so we went to get a bunch for her classroom. I knew the librarian and she gave them to my cousin for free.
We made a donation to the library to make up for the free books.
I use a kindle, so I’m never without a book.

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Oh, like, forever!
I carry mental hurtage from when I was a kid & my books were late back.
Upon hearing there would be a small fine, I panicked & threw them in the river :D

Literature…makes you wise eh?

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I usually go to the library twice a week, for 5 or 6 hours. It’s where I get a lot of my drawing commissions done.

This was before the pandemic though, I’m not sure yet when I’ll return

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Libraries are closed throughout the pandemic, but a few offer pick-up service. I’d reserved some books online, and I went to get them yesterday. Only one of the library’s rooms was accessible, and the workers were behind plexiglass barriers. But, the experience was nice; a lovely employee helped me, and I have some new things to read.

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About two weeks ago. About due to return as books I checked out then are almost due. Pre-pandemic, I was there usually ever week, sometimes twice, so I was very happy when they were able to safely reopen. That said, I’ve been cautious and limit my visits, then limit further to a low traffic time when I do go. I have to go right past there today to do a stay in the car and let them bring the groceries to it run, so I may be tempted to pop in briefly.

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I don’t use the library to take books out, I use it for a book group that I’m in and that I miss. It’s morphed over the years to become a social group of friends who eat and drink (alcohol too), and the conversation about the book is only about ⅓ of the time we spend together. We’re also friends outside the group now so sometimes we get together for dinner or other stuff.

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