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I dropped my Kindle in the tub and now it doesn't work (surprise!). Can I somehow retrieve my hundreds of ebooks?

Asked by syz (35943points) June 3rd, 2014

It’s sitting in bag of dry rice, but I don’t have much hope for being able to revive it. If I replace it (it was first generation, so I got a pretty good run out of it), can I get my existing books on it? (I don’t use the cloud.)

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Your account will remember your library. Buy a new Kindle and log on.

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You can remove the SD card. That might still work.

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I’m sorry I don’t know how Amazon works with this ( I have a nook) but I imagine they have a way of restoring a library to a device, as people do buy new ones. Maybe you could contact them…
As far as books not bought from them, can’t even suggest.
For your next one, I use a program called calibre in which I can store my non Barnes and Noble acquisitions.
Good luck with this!

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your books are still there in the “cloud”. when you get a new Kindle you can just download them to your new kindle.

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Any e-book you’ve purchased off Amazon you can download again to a different Kindle device.

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I just re read your question and noticed that you “do not use the cloud”. I’m confused. why not use it since the kindle comes with it installed to you amazon account? I must not be understanding your question.

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Regardless of whether the thread creator uses the cloud or not Amazon keeps track of your purchase history. Your library is intact.

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A bag of rice is not going to do it. You needed to take it apart and disconnect the battery then use a hair dryer to dry it out. At this point the battery and charging circuitry is probably shot though. If it’s been less than a few hours I’d still try it. You can simply re-download your old books when you get a new one.

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I have my entire Kindle library on two different devices. Also, if you have a tablet you can download the Kindle app for free and not even need to buy a new one.

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You can download your entire library on any device that has the free Kindle app on it—mobile phone, tablet, whatever.

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All your books are on a cloud. I have kindle books in my iPad, my iPhone, and in the Kindle I gave my daughter so we could share books all from the same purchase.

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Buy a new Kindle then log into your Amazon account. Go to Manage my Kindle (under the My Account area) and you can download all your books to your new Kindle. Water and Kindles don’t mix. Makes reading in the bath a bit of a risk. Not sure if my terms (Manage my Kindle etc.) are spot on but they’re close. You can attach (I think) five devices to your account so you can share your books with others.

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We share a Kindle and iBooks account so we can read on all our devices, so even if you’re not using “the cloud”, your purchases are stored in your Amazon account.

Smartphones and tablets can be put in zipper-sealed baggies for when taking a bath or tubing down the river, etc. The touch surface still works through the baggie. It doesn’t look as good, of course, but it’s a little safer. I have seen specially made baggies that are clearer and shaped for a more precise fit to the different devices.

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