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Any ideas how I can make firefox run better?

Asked by anniereborn (13828points) February 19th, 2015

I updated to the latest version a couple of weeks ago. Now my computer runs terribly. I don’t really care for Chrome and IE is just ancient. I’d rather stick with Firefox. Any suggestions on how to maybe get back to the previous version?

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You could try to refresh Firefox.

If you decide you really want to downgrade to an earlier version of Firefox, here they are.

When you say that now your “computer runs terribly”, do you mean just Firefox or the whole computer?

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I will give those a try, thank you!

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My computer seems to run worse/slower since Firefox upgraded, as well.
Mine is not a memory/storage issue.

I got an upgrade that didn’t save/record/install my add-ons, so I wonder if there was one that made my computer run better that I’ve not re-found.

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Noscript will make Firefox run faster.

I like it a lot and I’ve used it for years. But it is a real scorched-earth solution.

It stops lots of functionality until you set “Allow” for every site – and that might include several sites per page.

For example Fluther required Allow for and It’s a one-time setting; once I only had to allow fluther and cloudfront once.

I am always surprised now when I use a browser without Noscript. The web is really slow.

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I second Noscript, even if my computer is still slow.
I’m on satellite internet.
I’ve permanently enabled almost nothing.

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With Firefox a good practice is to periodically check for outdated Plug-Ins. To do this, go to Add-Ons, either through the tools drop down menu, or by clicking on Add-Ons on the pull down menu (the stacked vertical bars icon at the top right of the screen) then click on the check for updates link on the Plug-ins screen.

I adopted Firefox years ago as my default browser, and through the years I have noticed that when the Java, Adobe Shockwave Player or Adobe Flash Player Plug-Ins are out of date, Firefox becomes cranky.

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Okay, I have “refreshed” Firefox and updated my plugins (Adobe was out of date). I’ll see how things go now. If it still sucks, I will try the rest. Thank you so much for your help, everyone.

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Uninstall and install again. And also check for any viruses in your system.

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So far it is definitely running better!

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New version of Firefox is really great but till if you wanna stick to version you are having now i think you should uninstall some of the add ons or toolbar which are of no use of you.

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Yeh, it’s back to running bad again (tho still a little better than it did at first). I am gonna have to try some more of these suggestions.

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