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I want to dip my head in a tub of bleach to dye it bright yellow, almost white. Is this safe?

Asked by Foolaholic (5801points) July 14th, 2008

I’m currently brown.

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nope, that’s not what it means to bleach your hair- it is but not really. I’ll let someone more qualified to answer in depth

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Nope, baaaad idea. Bleach is a pretty dangerous chemical, you’d die if you drank it. It’s also pretty bad for your hair, as is a lot of home dying stuff.
I’d urge you to get it professionally done, if you don’t want wispy, thin, and crappy looking hair.
It’ll also screw up your skin and stuff. Just don’t.
I know of a woman in prison who killed herself my drinking it, she was pregnant.

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However, I disagree with tirithalui’s stance on home dying. I’ve died and had my hair died many times, never has it become wispy, thin, or crappy looking.

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Back awaaaaayyyyy from the bleach!

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Hair bleach is not the same chemical as household bleach.

For hair:
“Essentially the chemistry involved in bleaching relies on the interaction of a developer (with an oxidizing agent, normally hydrogen peroxide) and an alkalizing agent. When the mixture is applied to the hair, it raises the scales of the outer layer of the hair shafts. Once past this outer layer, the cuticle, the alkalizing agent (generally in concert with a tint) combines with the hydrogen peroxide and diffuses into the cortex or central portion of the hair shaft.

The melanin responsible for hair color is found inside the cortex. The bleaching chemicals break down the melanin and replaces it with the new color represented by the accompanying tinting agent. The new color will remain in the hair shaft until growth occurs (usually six to twelve weeks) and for this reason, bleaching hair is considered one of the permanent hair dying methods.”

About household bleach:
”* Chlorine is the chemical most frequently involved in household
poisonings and is a potent pollutant. Chlorine fumes from household cleaners are toxic and can affect the central nervous system.”

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Don’t do it. It it leaks in your eyes, you could seriously hurt your vision. Chemical bleach is serious stuff.

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bulbatron9 must be sniffing some bad diapers, bad idea to use the bleach on your head. Don’t do it.

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Blakem: Died?

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@TheHaight: Funny!

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@TheHaight & chatnoir If he died, his hair probably did end up looking pretty crappy despite what he thinks.

@Foolaholic Bucking to win the Darwin Awards?

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I have athletes foot. I want to dip my foot in a tub of sulfuric acid. Is this safe?

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Chuckie, and here all this time with the kind of questions you ask, I thought surely it was missle toe.

Sounds like you picked the perfect moniker, there foolaholic. If your hair is brown, it will go to orange first, and a strange one at that and with bleach meant for hair, to white. There is no yellow unless it is colored with a yellow pigment. Like curious mentioned, you could not only hurt your eye (perhaps blinding them), but your ears, scalp, and skin as well.

…and it’s not dying, (which means to be in the process no longer existing on this earth)
which you might risk doing if you try this, it is dyeing, which means adding color.

Was this really a serious question?

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It will work. It will lighten your hair. But it will seriously damage the hair and scalp. If you have fine/thin hair and do this, chances are it’ll become a lot thinner – and your scalp will be dry and itchy!

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@seesul; cue rimshot

The active ingredient of household bleach is Sodium Hypochlorite. This toxic chemical is formed by a mixing Chlorine gas with Sodium Hydroxide (lye).

It is also the active ingredient of Drano, commonly used to break up hair clogs in drains.

No doubt it would do the same to the hair clog on your head.

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