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What's a good occupation that combines creativity and technology?

Asked by RedmannX5 (814points) July 14th, 2008

Preferably a job that doesn’t require sitting in front of a computer screen typing away all day.

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Well I was thinking more along the lines of actually designing creative technology, like cutting edge intuitive computer designs, or mobile phone designs.

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But thank you for your input Shrubbery

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@RedmannX5 That kind of design work in either sector would involve sitting in front of a computer. How about working for a game company?

To get out from the computer, perhaps an architect (still a good bit of computer time).

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@Marina: Therein lies my predicament. I actually wanted to be an architect a couple years ago, but decided that it didn’t involve the actual creation of technology. Are there any jobs that relate to drawing? such as drawing the schematic of an iPhone, etc.

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@RedmannX5 Yes, but it is all done by CAD and you sit in front of a computer.

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Maybe you could broaden your definition of technology. If the core of your interest on that side involves technical problem solving, creating systems and tools that accomplish tasks or solve problems, then maybe you just need to go low-tech enough to not have to sit in front of a computer. I’m thinking of hands-on work like general contracting small projects. These can involve architecture-like problem solving without the detail and computer. Decks, small house additions, pergolas, interior renovations, etc.

Or, become a machinist. Small machine shops build technical solutions to problems: parts, devices, inventions etc. But not on a production scale so it can be more hands-on.

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graphic design

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Industrial design, specializing in electronics, perhaps?
Or something like system architect working with businesses/people to identify and outline the projects you then need to design and create using computers and technology.

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I’d say graphic design (in advertising or general contract). As long as there is a market, there will never be a shortage of work projects. And if there’s a lull, you can always occupy yourself creatively with the equipment at hand. It seems like half the time someone is photoshopping someone’s head on someone else’s body ‘round here. to the delight of all

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Recording engineer or record producer. That’s what I do, and there’s as much art to it as there is technology.

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@brubart interesting occupation. I’ll ask the collective about it.

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I second @wildflower on industrial design. There are sooo many cool things you can do with it, from designing the look of cars or computers to creating functional, high-tech art objects. The MoMa design store has some good examples of what I’m talking about- a lot of their objects are really clever. I really like industrial design because some of the solutions industrial designers come up with for everyday problems are really novel. Most industrial design programs are found in art schools. You will probably spend a good deal of time in front of the computer creating initial versions of your designs, but a lot of it is also modeling and making the finished product.

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