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Cool things to do in Montreal?

Asked by emilyrose (2269points) July 14th, 2008

We are going up for either a day or an overnight. What should we do? We are two gals, on a relative budget. We are not necessarily into totally touristy stuff, but would like to see some cool things while we’re there. We don’t speak any French : )

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Here is a site with lots of choices. Of these, I think this one is neat and it’s only $12 Canadian for students and $16 Canadian for adults:

“Montréal’s Biodôme is the only one of its kind in the world. It features four distinct ecosystems recreated in the former Olympic Games Velodrome. Created to represent the four most beautiful habitats found in North, Central and South America. Mammals, birds and plant life thrive in mini-habitats. Visitors, especially children, will enjoy all four environments.”

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Drink beer at 18!

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Check out the strip-bars. Montreal is famous for them and they are all over the downtown area. There are also a couple that feature male dancers, very popular with women.

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Um maybe I should mention that we are not teenagers and have been legally able to drink for some time, and we are not into going to the clubs, though I do remember watching the late night ads for Club Supersex when I was a kid—I grew up in VT and they would advertise on our stations.

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I second the Biodome, its amazing. Also while your in that area, checkout the Botanic Gardens that are located next door.

Other things to do is hang out in Old Montreal at the Cafe’s along the water. There’s also plenty of shopping nearby too. You could also do whitewater rafting.

Good Luck!

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I’d visit the Old Montreal, its a very nice place to walk-by, great architecture in my opinion. But its also a very pricey spot. China Town isn’t far from it.

And yes, since its a city in the province of Quebec, you will notice a very number of bars and stip-joints. I found a great pub the other day, corner of Saint-Catherine and St-Elizabeth. The inner terrace is beautiful.

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Update: We only had time for a day trip and got really lost. We did Biodome, Botanical Gardens, and dinner in Little Italy (the friend I went with is Italian).

I thought the Biodome was not that great.—it wasn’t anything special compared to other places I had been, and I wish we had gone to the Biosphere instead (we got them kind of confused). The gardens were nice but also the one where I live (SF) is free. The gardens were cool I recommend making a day of it with a picnic. We got kind of rushed because I got really hungry and grouchy so bring food! It’s quite large.

Little Italy was fun, and there is a big open air market that was very sweet looking. We also drove along a street that looked like a great place to spend the day eating and shopping it was called St. Denis.

Bring a good map if you go there. We got lost for HOURS and several people I talked to said they got lost too! Be careful with all of the turns on the south side of the Champlain Bridge.

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