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How do you use the Tie Fast Knot tying tool?

Asked by KerryNewman (5points) March 27th, 2015

We got one as a present, but aren’t sure how to use it, any advice?

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You do KNOT use it. If you can’t tie your own flies, then you don’t deserve to have a fishing license.

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Gee whiz, gotta break into the art somehow…
These folks will show you how

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RE: If you can’t tie your own flies, then you don’t deserve to have a fishing license.

1) The Tie-Fast isn’t for tying flies (making flies from hooks and feathers, etc.). It’s a good tool for tying line and tying flies to the leader. I’m terrible at tying knots. I carried one for a while and it helped me learn.

2) Very few people tie their own flies. I’ve been fly fishing for 30 years and I know two people who tie their own flies. There’s a reason that fly shops stocks thousands and thousands of flies.

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I’d have to agree that it’s fair to expect a serious fisherperson to know their line and leader knots. ...else what happens when miracle-tool slips out of your hand overboard, are you done for the day?

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@KerryNewman Where would you find these knotters? My weak point was always the monofilament to fly line junction. But are you sure a carp is going to rise to a fly? Welcome to fluther.

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