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What do all the guest do when the groom or the bride doesn’t show for their wedding leaving the future spouse hanging in the breeze?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26821points) March 27th, 2015

If the groom is a no-show, or the bride ditches the wedding, what will everyone do? They might have traveled far to get there, rearranged schedules, altered plans, got all dressed up, and now there is no event, what do they do, say sorry to the person dumped at the altar and high tail it out of town, use the occasion to have a mini vacation, what do they do?

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It is similar to what I would do if someone was laying on metro tracks.

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You follow their cue. Sometimes everything is paid for and they may ask the guest to stay and continue with the festivities.
I imagine if you are on the side of the party that didn’t show, then you will probably want to leave because the bride or groom left at the alter may not feel very gracious to the other family. At the very least it would just be awkward.

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I would try to console the ditched one and urge him or her to go on with the celebrations for having not married the chicken who would have caused more uphill later on. Good riddance. Let’s partay…......

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eat. the. food.
raw bar to pastry table

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Start as you mean to go on with the celebration…who doesn’t like wedding cake?..who knows maybe they did you a huge favor, the shame is not on the one who got ditched.

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Drink ALL of the alcohol.

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Head for the reception, belly up to the bar.

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