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What colour should my friend whom is asian dye her hair?

Asked by The_Inquisitor (3163points) July 15th, 2008

My friend is asian, female, long black hair, and she wants to dye her hair without bleaching it first, because bleach isn’t such a good thing for your hair, she’s unsure of what color she should dye it, what’re your suggestions?

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To be honest with you I’m sick of seeing beautiful-exotic Asian girls with blonde unnatural hair. But the question is..what does she want to dye her hair? If she is unsure she shouldn’t do it.

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I’m not sure, i dont’ think she’d want to dye her hair blonde though, that’d look… kind of odd, lol. i think she wants something not too far from her hair color, like,.. maybe red, amber, orange, or brown?

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I like the subtle red tint look. Orange? Really?

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Only a subtle tint? wouldn’t that be kind of a waste?

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you mean actual bright-look at me-red? Well.. She should go for it then. You asked my opinion, and Ive always thought that red tint were you notice it in the sun kinda look is pretty.

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Oh, lol. i see, haha, well thanks for your opinion. yeah, actually, I know someone who has red tinty subtle hair, it looks really awe so amazing in the sun. =D

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I think she’s going for a colour that isn’t just noticeable in the sun though, something that not only SOME people will notice…

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Chartreuse. No one ever dyes their hair that color.
Puce is my second choice.

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PMS 367 or Rhodamine.

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Actually a tint won’t work. I have to dye my hair oh ash blond for a reddish dark brown color. Golden blond should make it more orange. Then she can follow up with a tint. Believe me Asian hair is not easy to color. When I tried light brown. Nada! When I tried light auburn. Nada! My hair was just as black as when I started. Then I went extreme, and got some ash blond. Hahaha, that was a joke all I got was a reddish DARK brown. If she want’s something lighter she will have to go the way of bleaching first.

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I agree with cooksalot, if she’s not willing to bleach it, she’s going to have a hard time coloring it. I’m not Asian but I have a hard time dyeing my dark brown hair. I colored it bright red once and it took three bottles and still didn’t come out the color it was supposed to. It was really only red in the sun, indoors you couldn’t even tell.

And while bleach is not good for your hair, dyeing it over and over isn’t either.

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Instead of dyeing her whole head she could go in and get streaks or tips bleached and then coloured say purple or pink or green or blue, that would look pretty cool.

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Haha! you know what that does @shrubbery? makes the hair look silver or (ahmm) gray. Not the look my cousin was going for that one time. Next time she used bleach to put the streaks in. She used that frosted streaks stuff that you do yourself at home. Sorry just laughing at the memory.

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My step daughters are 1/2 asian. Their hair is really dark. When the older one wanted to high light her hair, I tried every way in the world to get her to change her mind. It did not work. I did insist on her going to a professional, because hair that dark is hard to dye or highlight and make it look natural. She got subtle red and golden highlights. You really could only see them in the sun or in bright light. It looked ok. It took her forever to grow out the highlights, and she swears that she will never do it again.

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She should put blue undertone in it – go the opposite way
from all the bright-warm colors and deepen it, make it
really nighttimey. MMMM. My Mexican friends do this and
it’s stunning.

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