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What kind of jobs focus on impress people?

Asked by wsxwh111 (2464points) April 12th, 2015

I know some like artists, photographers, writers, scriptwriters, politicians, could you name more? :)
And since English is my second language, do you guys mind helping me modify this question to make it sounds more like real English? :b

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Singers, actors, MC, directors…

As for your question, it should be What kind of jobs that focus on impressing people?

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“What kind of jobs are there that focus on impressing people?”
Or “What kind of jobs focus on impressing people?” (No “that”)
Very close, @Mimishu1995, your English is getting better as well! :-)

And, @wsxwh111, your last sentence should have no “s” at the end of “sound”.
” make it sound like…”. And yours is getting better, too. :-)

Basically, anyone who is trying to sell anything needs to impress people.

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What i do singing/song writing (Though i don’t do it to impress though it does, i do it because i’m good at it and love it) song writing, acting, athlete, Modeling, Racing driver… but in all honesty any job can be done to impress someone else if that is your intention.

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I agree with @Safie, that many jobs involve impressing someone. The way we impress might vary though. So a sales person needs to impress their clients with their knowledge of their product to encourage the client to buy. A historian needs to impress their peers with their knowledge of a particular field of history.

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A circus performer

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Interior design. My passion, worked in the industry for years. Nothing like transforming someones living space and wowing them when they return. There is no better and fun job in the world than designing ones sanctuary.

Here is my all time favorite home, replete with indoor Koi Pond and cat habitat. I’d love to design something like this for myself. Combine my love for cats and architecture.

Ya gotta see this!

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Impress: to leave a mark, to affect deeply as to mind or feelings.
Creating something that was never done before tha uplifts society etc
A new idea, or way of dress, or style in almost any form that was never done in such a way as before never seen nor heard, nor written.
Something new.
Example: First Computers,Internet,fashnions, Technology,Writing styles,new colours,new foods,new ways of styles, new music, new musicical instruments.
Basically all the ways introduced to see, feel, hear, smell .

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