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How are we supposed to live without you?

Asked by nutallergy (958points) April 12th, 2015

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“Life goes on, within you, and without you” George Harrison

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What’s there to miss? It’s not like bunches of people are busting down my door to see me now!

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With difficulty, but live on we will.

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Much in the same way you live without any other random person on this planet whom you don’t know I reckon.

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By popping corks and dancing in the street, and it might go one for days, if not weeks.

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You may not even know I have disappeared.

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You won’t.

When I go down I’m bringin’ all you bitches down with me. :P

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It will never be the same.

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Bring me back to life.

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Since you’re still wondering, I think keeping the secret is my best bet… ~

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You won’t the world will end when I do, (evil laugh) he-he-he-he-heh!

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You all seem to be living without me to varying degrees of success already. I’m pretty sure I’ve never done your laundry or washed your dishes or picked your kids up from school. Carry on.

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wow it looks like 3 months since I was last on Fluther. Looks like you all got along fine without me.

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@downtide No, not fine. But I am still alive :p

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You figure it out. I’m gonna go see what’s shakin’ at the cemetery.

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