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How long will Aaron Hernandez last in prison?

Asked by elbanditoroso (28854points) April 15th, 2015

The former football player was found guilty of first degree this morning in Massachusetts. This entitles him to spend the rest of his life in a Massachusetts prison (no parole).

He’s currently big, tall, husky – a guy in pretty good shape. He can probably defend himself – at least for now – against other prisoners.

But I wonder – will he be a target of various groups, gang, or individuals in prison? Will someone want to take him down to establish themselves as the big dog at whatever prison they send him to?

My guess is that he won’t survive five years.

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Is that more true of him than of any other prisoner who is not famous?

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My guess, @janbb , is that a celebrity is a bigger and more enticing target.

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Are murderers not at the top of the respect hierarchy among inmates?

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As long as you follow a few simple rules in prison, you won’t have any trouble. First, you don’t accept gifts from anyone. Ever. Second, you keep yourself, your clothes, your bed, and your living area clean. Third, be polite and quiet, but also defend yourself if provoked; they hate loud-mouthed braggarts, but they hate cowards even more. Never whistle or sing. Never address a hard-timer unless he’s addressed you first, or unless you’re doing at least as much time. And never snitch.

Anyone who can follow those rules will survive prison relatively unscathed.

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I’d give him a two minute warning.

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I think he will be right at home in prison. I suspect various favorable circumstances in his life merely delayed his arrival in prison.

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I believe that Aaron Hernandez is gang affiliated with the bloods. depending on what prison he is sent to it may be to His advantage or disadvantage.

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