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Does anyone listen to records anymore?

Asked by shrubbery (10246points) July 16th, 2008

Yeah you can buy everything on CDs or download it all now, but does anyone just enjoy placing a record on the player and lifting the needle across? Do you even still have a record player? Is it out in the open or up in the attic? If you’ve still got records how many do you have and what are your favourites?

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My boys dig through my album collection from time to time, and I listen to my 180 gram John Coletrane records when need be.

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I don’t because I’m too young to remember haha. I know some of the artists I listen to have released one or two of their albums onto records just because the quality is rather pure, although you have to have a high quality record player. Besides that, I don’t :/

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I do, I do. I often frequent my dads vinyl collection. I love the scratchy analog sound that only comes with a 30 year old vinyl. Ahhh. It’s also fun to play a single at a album speed. love the deep purple and dead kenadys

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I have an old turntable blasting out of a 5-watt amp that I like to listen listen to records on. It’s the “warm tones” that are enjoyable for me. Also looking through cheap records at garage sales and flea markets make for a pretty nice weekend adventure.

I would say I like to listen to Texas Flood by Stevie Ray Vaughn.

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Yep, I do, I had to buy a player because I was born in the modern age. I do own some vinyl records (my uncle passed them to me), the sound quality is incredible, most of the records are of bands like foreigner, cutting crew, depeche mode, yes, bon jovi, you know, big 80’s bands and I love doing it, it just takes me back to my early childhood :) and makes wonder what my kids would think about my cd collection (if I ever have the chance to)

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We do, occasionally. Most of what we have kept is classical and jazz, some that we do not have on CD.

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I bought a record player recently and I have about 4 records. It’s a great experience, more about the feeling than the music.

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they didn’t sound very good in my CD player so I got rid of mine!

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What the hell is a record?

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Yes, I do. I also transfer them to file so I can listen to them (by proxy) in the car.

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@osb Lurve to you, you wicked tongued rascal! Where have you been lately?

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I have some records, but no record player. My mom does want to get one and so do I!

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Oh there’s no getting rid of me I tell yeah. I was off trying to survive the launch of that there pesky iPhone and trying to keep my insanity intact at the same time.

I did survive, bad news on the insanity thing though.

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I just bought a turntable last year. With the death of the CD and issues around digital formats (mainly DRM) I find vinyl is the best. I buy new stuff all the time too from bands like Radiohead, Arcade Fire, The National, etc. Most new artists offer free MP3 downloads too when you buy the vinyl.

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I was just having a vinyl session the other night, playing stuff I’ve had for decades like Pere Ubu and the Gun Club. I have quite large collections on LP of things I can’t get anywhere else: cajun, bluegrass, honky tonk, western swing.

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My SO has a couple of the really old ,thick original Edison recordings. I would love to hear them, but we don’t have anything to play it on.

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Reading this post has inspired me to pick-up a turntable and give the old vinyls a spin. I pared my collection down to about one hundred essentials, if I recall, many of which were never replaced initially with cassettes or now CDs. I remember many distinctly: Phil Ochs, some Dylan, early Beatles, Animals, Doors, Cream, etc.. They spent the last 20 years in the garage so I better inspect first…the hot L.A. sun may have reduced them all to a single mass of melted gunk. I’ve kept my old cassettes (a couple hundred) inside the house so I know they have fared well, but I was never a big fan of their quality, only their ability to be played in the car or a portable player. On second thought, maybe I’ll just take a peak at them all, get some ideas and head over to itunes…I’ve got a gift card burning a hole in my mousepad as I type. See ya!

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We would love too, especially for our kids since they like alot of the classic rock that we like, but we need a new needle.

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TY Knotmyday! I’ll have to mention this to the hubby.

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All the time.

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