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What's the best place to rent tandem bicycles to ride around Golden Gate Park?

Asked by sferik (6099points) July 16th, 2008
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Here seems to be a good place.

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Have you actually rented from them or did you just find them on Google? I found this place, which is preferable because it has a location in Golden Gate Park, but I’d like to hear some actual reviews.

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No I haven’t, I just searched on google.

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@sferik, That sounds like a cool idea. I haven’t seen too many of the tandem bikes around GG Park. Mainly, I see people riding those giant 4 person cart-like bikes around the park. That said, while I never rented bikes from your link, I have bought disk golf discs there, and the people working there are nice. Have fun.

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I liked the rental place inside the park. Its near the Japanese tea gardens I think, on top of a hill. They had good service, and a nice variety of bikes. They have some of those cart bikes there that Shilolo mentioned. I don’t think its either of the places found… I don’t know if its even on the internet. It was inside the park, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was run by the park as well.
Possible here

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The guy on Fulton St is nice. I don’t think the bikes are as fancy as Blazing Saddles (not that those are great bikes but they look fancier). If you want to ride in GGP anyway, just go with the Fulton st place.

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