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What is a good gift to give a very happy couple for their 25th anniversary?

Asked by nina (895points) July 16th, 2008
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Maybe a gift card for a couple’s package at a spa?

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It depends on how much money you want to spend. I’d probably go with something that gives them a nice time together. A gift card to a nice restaurant would be the cheapest, a gift card to a bed and breakfast would be mid-range, and if it’s someone you really care about perhaps you could get together with some others and buy them a cruise trip. has an option where you buy a certain amount of money on a gift card that can be used at over 4000 B&B locations. That way you’re still giving them a specific experience, but they can choose the location.

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How well do you know them? Do you have access to old pictures or letters or other mementos? A beautifully framed picture (wedding or otherwise) of the two of them would be a terrific present. Or you can make a collage of pictures, or a picture book spanning their years together.

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o.k. prepare, or order (depends on your cooking skills) a cake, and buy a silver knife with a very nice inscription, so they can cut the cake after the dinner/lunch and keep the knife in a very special place

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My 25th anniversary is next month, and I would enjoy any of the things that people have proposed.

Some other ideas:

A certificate that you will petsit so they can have a getaway.

Movie tickets, and if your budget allows, a certificate for ice cream for two.

Tickets to a play.

A board game (scrabble, cranium, etc.) and a certificate to bring takeout Chinese for four along with an evening of fun with friends (you).

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Do they have younger children? If they do you could offer to watch them while they go out to dinner?
I also like shilolo’s answer. Gift cards to their favorite restaraunt would be a great gift.

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It would be fun to gather some of their dear friends and family for a surprise dinner, perhaps catered by a lovely restaurant or catering service. Or, have a personal chef cook their dinner for two at a remote location.

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precious moments ftw.

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would the answer be different if they were only a medium happy couple?

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@judyprays Possibly. They might not then want to spend time together.

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One of those digital picture frames that rotate a zillion and one’s worth of memories….

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25th silver anniversary.
Something silver.

I gave my parents a silver platter with their wedding song engraved on it.

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Okay, make it a SILVER digital picture frame….

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If they aren’t really interested in receiving gifts how about making a donation to their favorite charity in their name?

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