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Not sure who/what darleks are.
But I’m pretty sure the Borg would just assimilate them.

Darlek 0
Borg 1

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@fluthetnutter The Darleks are the androids that are from the Dr. WHO universe. The ones that keep saying exterminate , exterminate.

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First of all, they are called “Daleks”.
Second, they are not androids. They are squishy, one eyed tentacle aliens living in robot suits.
Third, as much as I love the Borg, the Daleks would win, without a doubt.
They have time travel capabilities on par with that of the Time Lords, whereas the Borg only used it once, unsuccessfully.
The Daleks would wipe out the Borg before they even existed.

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@ragingloli thanks for the correction.

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Sadly, I have to agree, with the one exception being if the Borg were lucky enough to come across a Dalek on its own. If the Borg were able to assimilate a small Dalek collective, thereby gaining their time travel technology, the Daleks would be defenseless, and the Borg would adapt to their attacks in no time.

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Bjorn Borg would win easily, Daleks are fucking useless at tennis.

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That would depend on if it is a close fight or one at distance.

At distance
Borg 1
Daleks 0

Close quarters:
Daleks 1
Borg 0

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At first I thought the Daleks might be those aliens from Star Trek: Enterprise. They have those cute pinkish pistols with the weird trigger guards. Like Yuri’s blaster from the original “Dirty Pair.”

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