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Are the Borg lonely?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (17719points) August 14th, 2016

Is that the reason that they try to assimilate everyone?

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No. They are never lonely, by design. Hugh was lonely, after his connection to the HiveMind was severed.

They try to assimilate everyone because they aspire to become ever more perfect by assimilating the biological and technological advances of every species they meet.

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No. They all have each other Constantly in their heads :)

I’d choose loneliness over that any day of the week.

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They don’t seem to have any thought whatsoever. No emotions. No sexuality. The guys must be crazy inside though, with all the built-up, unreleased sperm….

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They could only be as lonely as a single brain cell in one brain. They are connected. Assimilation is not a remedy to a factor of their existence, it is merely what they do, how they have been programmed, what their function is. To attain a more perfect, complete mind.

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The Borg are is? Dominated by a sense of incompleteness which is similar to loneliness if not the same.

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Do ants get lonely? They may feel some unease if separated from the colony. That is my impression of the Borg. Everyone forfeits their individual identity for the collective benefit.

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Haven’t you seen episodes of Star Trek where the Borg who get disconnected talk about feeling—um, disconnected. They aren’t lonely.

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I, Hugh is the first one

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