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Would you pull a prank on a total stranger?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (19389points) May 2nd, 2015

I have been watching prank videos on you tube, and personally I don’t think I would prank a total stranger, with the fear they wouldn’t take it well and either try and start a fight or try and sue me.
What about you would you prank a total stranger?

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Friends and relatives are fair game though.

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Never a stranger, only a close friend, and never one that can’t be resolved after five minutes confusion.

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Nope, and I’m not a big fan of pranks in general. I find many of them to be mean-spirited.

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@cookieman I agree – I don’t usually pull pranks on anyone.

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Never a stranger. How am I supposed to know what they’re dealing with at the time? I make a wife prank on a new widower? Yeah, smooth.~

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I agree with @Adirondackwannabe, without knowing someone personally I couldn’t be sure that even the simplest of pranks wasn’t going to tip them over the edge.

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@OpryLeigh Although my family and friends are fair game, as I am to them. But I still factor in the circumstances.

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Never. Only to very close friends and relatives and even then I would be careful not to scare anyone out of their wits.

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No, I’d not prank a total stranger. I might spoof them, though.

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I agree. What would be the point of pranking a total stranger and risking disaster because you have no idea what’s going on in their life. There is too much chance of doing real damage.

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Hahahahaha, “Candy Cane callin Rusty Nail, you out there sugar?”
If that chance arose, what a fucking oppurtunity, too good to miss.

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I participated in one as a child. An older sister was babysitting me and her friend was there. They called a stranger and put me on the phone. I was instructed to tell the person that my parents weren’t home and that I was lonely. Fortunately, nothing ever came of it, like the police showing up or our parents being questioned for child abuse. The memories still haunt me though.

Since then, the thought of being involved in a prank, no matter who the receiver is, doesn’t sit well with me.

Several years ago, I was facilitating a class. A message was delivered that an emergency call came in and that I needed to call the number back immediately. It turned out to be the phone number of a company that sold something that pertained to the message. Ha, ha. I got ‘punked’. The person on the other line explained that sigh she went through this every April Fool’s day all day long.

When explaining this to the co-worker in a private conversation, it felt like she didn’t understand that her actions might generate repercussions. Hopefully, she just needed time to think about it.

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@ucme Baaahahaha. Just needed to acknowledge that I know where that’s from. :)

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@Symbeline Yeah, we touched on that line before, @SQUEEKY2 being a trucker left it wide open :D

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Yeah, I thought we did indeed talk about that before…I just can’t remember where, or when. Have you seen number 3 yet?

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I saw that a couple of months back yeah, twas okay, but suffered as all “3’s” do from “this shit is getting old” syndrome :D

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I thought it pretty much sucked compared to the first two. But yeah, just the same old shit at this point…which isn’t a problem. But it is when there’s just less of the same old shit.

But I do have to say, the fight between the dude and Rusty was cool. Rusty’s one hell of a scrapper lol.

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He just kept coming back at him, typical movie maniac refusing to die.

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I did just the other day. We went to the pharmacy. There were two large sheet cakes and they were handing out cake. I asked what was up. Lady had been there for 27 years and was retiring the next day.
We were just hanging around, waiting for my script to be filled. I went to the card aisle and picked out a congratulations card and put it in an envelop. I gave it to the lady. She thanked me, then read it and gave me a high five.
Then she said, “You didn’t sign it.”
I said, “I can’t sign it. I have to put it back on the shelf.”
She laughed.

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Not strangers. The one exception for me is certain little kids, especially those with the disposition of my daughter at that age. This very morning we were having breakfast at a restaurant. At the table next to us was a family with 2 kids. the boy was around 8 and his busy (bad) little sister between 3 and 4 (I guess). Anyway, everyone was dressed to the nines, probably ready for church. The little girl was wearing a beautiful pink dress with ruffles everywhere. She had black long socks, and at the bottom of the socks, beautiful metallic red slippers with black velvet bows. The family arrived in the middle of our meal, and the little girl was hopping around with that look in her eye that I so remember from decades ago. The hostess led the family while a guy with a high chair followed the procession. On arriving at the table, before being seated, the little girl snatched a spoon from the table and hurled it immediately to the floor. The expression on her face was one of pure delight. It said “yes I am a criminal” The boy with a weary groan at the exasperating ( but routine) duty of policing his embarrassing sibling, dove for the clanging spoon while dad gathered all of the remaining silverware and confined it to the edge of the table furthest from the spot reserved for the highchair. I glanced at my daughter, and asked loudly “remind you of anyone?” We at our table all knew the drill. The poor family next to us was in for it. But we all grinned because we knew it was SHOW TIME.

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All those people signed releases to be shown on TV, so it was amicable in the end, if not at the time, @SQUEEKY2.

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Maybe if the prank was passive and was not going to harm or inconvenience them.

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Yeah. I’ve done it a a coffee shop. I got punched twice.

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